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  1. In order of appearance....G is the model year--all 2016=G. C is for the Peoples Republic of California emissions or not. B = black. 2nd G = gray. S=silver.
  2. These guys will order one in for you. https://www.advmotorrad.com/ Note the shock pivot actually is protected by the hugger....what a novel idea.
  3. Both the Corbins I have experience moved me back from the bars too far. Their seat designer must be 6'-8".
  4. Get the pyramid plastics--the whole new hugger. Longer to the back, longer to the front (extends down between swing arm & tire to completely shield the swing arm) & 100% eliminates the rear shock pivot from all spray. The stock Yamaha one is absolutely pointless. Most other aftermarket ones keep the rear shock pivot under the hugger.
  5. wrxer

    FZ-07 General Review

    Didn't you read the rules? Only the opinion of the OP is allowed to be presented.
  6. If only lawmakers had something important to worry about...
  7. wrxer

    Helmet Lock

    Does the Sato lock work if you already have Sato race hooks?
  8. I have never & would never pay anything for "freight" or "setup".
  9. Crazy stuff...can't believe the ones that almost get ran over by the 18 wheelers....
  10. Are you sure you did not hit a plastic bag? I worked at a dealership & never have seen that from cosmoline. Cosmoline would be all around the pipes, that looks like something hit the front.
  11. wrxer

    1965 CT200 Trail 90 98% Completed 4 Sale Now

    Should have said you need sources....some from my old Honda dealings http://dratv.com/ct200parts.html https://www.chpmotorsports.com/honda/ct90-years/ http://cart.hondanuts.com/CT90CT110-Parts-C358779.aspx?sid=35985
  12. wrxer

    Rearset recommendation?

    The text says it is compatible with stock brake switch
  13. wrxer

    Rearset recommendation?

    I do not have but https://www.satoracing.com/rearsets_yamahaFZ07.htm
  14. wrxer

    1965 CT200 Trail 90 98% Completed 4 Sale Now

    Keep the updates coming....I would keep it original if it that nice too. They are only original once.

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