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  1. sunblock

    Wrapped FZ07

    In Greece (Europe) the vehicle's registration must match the vehicle's color. If the registration says red and you have re-painted your vehicle, you must change your registration to reflect it. Otherwise you get a fine if discovered. Now when it comes to vinyl wraps, the change is not permanent. The law isn't clear on what happens in this case. At least not clear to me. Do you have to report it and change the registration, or not? Any police officers here?
  2. sunblock

    Wrapped FZ07

    My question is whether its legal or not. The registration says x color and this is something different. Will the police give you trouble if stopped?
  3. According to the renthal website: width: 736mm height: 109mm rise: 63mm sweep: 119mm I bought the 755 road medium and it fits fine without any modifications.
  4. sunblock

    Cat vs no cat

    If you prefer your emissions to be toxic then remove the cat, it's not helpful at all.
  5. sunblock

    FZ-07 General Review

    Well, I live in the EU, so RIP wallet... I think in the EU anything bike-related is a lot more expensive than the US.
  6. sunblock

    FZ-07 General Review

    Here's my opinion: My butt hurts after 30 min of riding. Something is wrong with the suspension, it goes boing-boing. The air is merciless, I dread the highways. The position of the dashboard is retarded, I can't mount all my cool gadgets. Nevertheless for the price I think it's ok. I'll try and fix some of the above with custom-made seat, some kind of a windscreen and a bicycle handlebar extension for all my goodies. Unfortunately there's no budget to upgrade the suspension.
  7. How much do these things cost usually?
  8. I thought you mentioned this already?
  9. sunblock

    Hello world

    Removing the warning sticker from the tank?
  10. sunblock

    Is this build possible?

    Also, there are no blinkers, license plate, nor mirrors... Also, what's up with that exhaust?
  11. sunblock

    Nooby Chain lube questions

    Electric? Sounds very James-Bondy. How much are these?
  12. sunblock

    Fz07 Rake angle?

    There are ready-made brackets for dirt-cheap on ebay... Check these out: Bracket 1 Bracket 2
  13. Any problems that you stumbled upon? Does it sits lower now? Did you use the R1 rim, or it was possible to put back your own? Could one mount a handle bar instead of clipons?
  14. sunblock

    Some are just suckers for punishment

    I wouldn't...

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