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  1. No joke. Could have been a whole lot worse
  2. @r1limited you called it man Here is where the wires cooked together... the previous owner had the positive from the battery under the fuse box guard wrapped around the negative >.< Heat wrapped the positive to the fuse box, and taped up the negative to the battery.
  3. I rerouted it all myself last night and shouldn't have any more problems.. made sure that wouldn't happen again. @Mr.Puss Super glad the battery didn't flame out. That would have made for a real bad day haha
  4. Figured it out. The negative from the battery cooked into the positive on the fuse box from the bozo who did an awful job running the wires putting the battery in last time. Heat wrapped the positive and taped the crap out of the negative. Fried the battery when it shorted, which is where the noise was coming from. Pulled a battery out of my dads 1200GS and she started back up like a charm. Thanks for all the quick responses on the fix.
  5. @mjh937 Checked the switch and its not stuck. I'll put it apart to make sure. Even when switch is off, when i turn the key to on its still dead/blank screen.
  6. @r1limited Pulling it apart now. Oh the joys of wire checking. Still trying to figure out what the heck the high pitch whining noise coming from under the seat was @i28 No unfortunately.. didn't buy the bike from a dealer.
  7. Ran great, started strong everytime. One time the screen blanked out completely mid ride.. powered her down and back up and screen came back no problem. First time for full loss and unable to recover any electricals.
  8. It's a 2015. Just bought it 2 months ago so I'm unsure on the batteries life. Just pulled the battery and it looks brand new. All connections are looking good. Next to check to make sure it's not grounding out anywhere.
  9. Riding around this afternoon and the bike had complete electrical loss.. screen went blank, engine died, etc. Turned the ignition to cutoff and turned the key off and on and nothing came up. Pulled over and got off the bike and a ear piercing screech/whine was coming from the battery box. Whining noise turned off about 3 minutes later. Checked all the connections and fuses under the seat and it all was solid and no blown fuses. Workin on getting it home to work on it and try and figure it out. Anyone else have a complete electrical loss like this? And did you figure out what it was?
  10. DTX


  11. Recently picked myself up a FZ-07 down here in Texas and am very pleased. Coming from riding dirtbikes my entire life and decided its time to get on the street. Have added a few things to her so far: -Rear fairing delete kit with led blinkers -Front blinker LED replacement -handlebar circle mirrors -wind screen -adjustable brake and clutch levers -new handlebars (sit lower and are black to match) -frame sliders Exhaust is on the block next.. but after the recent splurge I need some time to save back up haha

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