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  1. Ended up being the spark plugs. Wish the mechanic just changed then when I asked him to at the beginning. I should like into getting some tools and finding a workspace. Motorcycle mechanics in Taiwan are not the best...
  2. Every time I have to start from a stop (I'm in 1st gear), the bike lurches and hesitates until it gets past 3000 or so RPM. It also lacks the power to get out of that RPM range in any gear. I'm in Taiwan, finding a reputable shop and mechanic is quite difficult.
  3. I've already had the injectors taken out and cleaned by my mechanic so I don't think it's a gunked up injector. He just finished replacing the fuel pump and cleaned the o2 sensor and plugged it back in. Again, it fixed the problem for a day and then it slowly came back. Exact same symptoms, shutters at rpms below 3000. I really feel like it's a sensor or ecu now. Three times now (after cleaning the injectors, unplugging the o2 sensor, and replacing the fuel pump) the problem has been fixed for a day only to return after a couple of drives. Doesn't seem like a fuel delivery or spark issue (not that I have a ton of experience).
  4. Mechanic says it's the fuel pump now. I think the stuttering symptom points to that but how about the one cool pipe? He says he checked the coils and spark plugs. Is it possible he is lying?
  5. So the problem has slowly returned even with the o2 sensor unplugged. I sprayed some water on the pipes and one is running way hotter than the other, so I think it's the coil or spark plugs now. The bike isn't throwing any codes.
  6. Hi all, I plan on replacing the O2 sensor. Not sure if there are any adverse side effects, but don't really want to risk it. I rode it today to work and found that the problem is actually only 95% fixed. The problem still exists in the same RPM range (2000-3000) under light throttle but it is just the slightest bit of hesitation now and avoidable if I just give it more gas. There's a motorcycle rental shop nearby that rents FZ07s so I might go rent one for a couple of hours today and make sure that it's not just something that happens at very low throttle/RPMs. Another question: If you are just idling along in 1st gear, is the bike jerky on occasion?
  7. Thanks everyone! Unplugged the o2 sensor and now it runs fine. Much appreciated.
  8. Yeah, I'll try the fuel pump and screen next along with the o2 sensor. Thanks!
  9. It happens in every gear, but I can avoid 2-3000 RPMs unless I'm starting from a stop in 1st. I will try to make a video.
  10. No mods, 2300 km. I should have mentioned that the bike sat for almost a year before being sold to me.
  11. Forgot to say that the air filter looks new in the original post. One of the mechanics thinks it could be the fuel pump. I feel like it's a fueling issue as well but it runs fine until it warms up. Seems like it's getting too lean at low rpms as it warms up. Does the ECU give it extra fuel when it's cold?
  12. Sorkyah, It does have the vacuum intake flappy bit. The first mechanic went through and checked all the connectors and applied some product to help improve the connections. I'll check the O2 sensor next.
  13. Hi all, Hoping to get some input to help with an issue. I have a 2015 bike with no mods and about 2200 km. When the bike is warmed up, between 2-3000 RPM, the bike feels like it misfires and stutters. Every time I have to start from a stop (you may assume I'm in 1st gear), the bike lurches and hesitates until it gets past 3000 or so RPM. It also lacks the power to get out of that RPM range. For example, if it is around 3000 RPM and I open up the throttle to half, it engine noise will sound deeper and nothing will happen for a second or two, then just take off. If I only give it enough throttle to stay between that RPM range, then it will just stutter indefinitely. The problem gets worse as the bike warms up and is almost nonexistent when cold. Another thing that happens that may or may not be related is that the bike idles inconsistently. It fluctuates up and down from 1000 to 1300. I've ridden another FZ/MT 07 and it didn't have any of these issues. Finally, the bike sat in a garage for nearly a year before I bought it. For some background. I live in Taiwan where there is a steep import tax on motorcycles over 250cc. As such, they are very expensive and not very popular. There are not many reliable or knowledgeable mechanics in my area and it seems my limited knowledge rivals that of the mechanics I've seen. Therefore, taking it to a mechanic without any idea of what is wrong has not been a good experience. I don't have a garage space so I can do very limited wrenching on my own. The three mechanics I've taken it to have done the following: fuel cleaner additive, fuel injector cleaning (took the injectors out and cleaned them), throttle body sync, chain tension, oil change, checked spark plugs (they look good), checked air filter (looks almost new), and checked connections ECU/TPS/various sensors. Thanks for the suggestions! Edit: changed the spark plugs and it's fixed. Relieved it's over, but frustrated that the mechanic said it wasn't the spark plugs the first time I took it in.
  14. Hi everyone. I moved to Taiwan a few years ago and have now decided to buy a MT/FZ 07. I found one second hand that wasn't too expensive and bought it. I've joined the forum to troubleshoot problems and get ideas for upgrades. Excited to be here!

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