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  1. Just had a look at the Yamaha Canada website. Yamaha is no longer selling the FZ line of bikes. Well no, not really. But they have dropped the name and brought them in line with the rest of the world as the MT 07-09-10 Price has gone up on the 07. looks like new adjustable forks. New seat. New plastics. Hard to tell for sure from the pictures but looks like the built in tank pad is gone. also gone is the choice of ABS or no. Only ABS now.
  2. skyway6

    No More FZ's?

    Then there is the confusion between the USA and Canada. In Canada they are the "F-zed" and USA is "F-zee" But i agree it should be under one name. Why have two different names when they are the same bike. Maybe because "MT" could mean nothing (MT = empty) in North America?
  3. skyway6

    Selling my FZ

    I am having the same "conversation" with myself. I have an opportunity to switch to a 2017 FZ09 (from FZ07) I have been watching tons of you tube on both bikes. (I got my 2017 FZ07 in April 2017) While the FZ09 would be nice, do i really need that kind of power? In a similar situation to you Levei41, But instead its i should keep the '07 as it has plenty of power for the riding i do. I do not tour. I mostly keep rides to a few hours and at most 400km round trip. Maybe once or twice i year i will do a long trip of ~800km but mostly weekend day trips. From the vids i have been watching the '09 is on the verge of "stupid power" as in too much too fast. I rarely go more than 20-30kph over posted speed limit. The '07 just purrs along at those speeds.(130kph) Once out of town the speed limit goes to 110kph and then farther out to 120kph. The '07 just flew up the "hill" there. By hill it is a mountain hwy with a average of 11degree slope that goes on for 40ish km until you hit the top at 5000ft. The FZ07 flew up this hill at average 160kph with no sign of strain. (this hwy is featured in the TV show "Highway Thru Hell") So i an torn between wanting the fz09 and keeping the fz07 as the fz07 is fast enough for what and where i ride. Plus i save on insurance as the fz09 is in next "tier" and would be about $300 more / year. (goes by tiers here. 0-110cc, 111-400, 401-750, 751-1150, 1150-?) winter approaching here so i have a few months to decide. I may just keep the fz07 and do the ohlins suspension treatment on it.
  4. skyway6

    Dropped the bike

    You can get a centre stand for the FZ07? did not think one was available due to where the exhaust system is situated. I now use a system similar to a "Pack-Jack" now. - works great.
  5. skyway6

    Dropped the bike

    lucky that it was just a slow fall. And for the most part our bikes do not have a lot of plastic to break. But to add to the me too club. I did similar to a former 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 650. Was only a few months old. After a weekend of long rides. Sunday evening before putting it away i was lubing the chain. At the time i did the move forward a bit. lube. move. lube etc. Figured out 4 moves forward exposed all the chain. on the last and final move i went to get off bike. (was doing the duck walk forward thing) I guess i must have hit the side stand and it was half open. So KA-Rash it goes. On a concrete underground parking floor. In a panic i tried to lift it the wrong way in the process rocking the bike up a foot and back down. The faring making a nasty crunching sound. Calmed down and got but upright the right way. Was pleasantly surprised to see damage was minimal. Slight bend to shifter. A few small marks on the fins on the faring. Mark on bar end. Clutch lever took the worst, was slightly bent and lost a quarter of it off the end. since then i have found a better way to lube chain and also give the kick stand a few extra kicks to make sure it is locked before i get off the bike.
  6. Ten days before i was born Sputnik was beeping in Orbit
  7. skyway6

    Sitting on Bike While Parked

    Don't put words in my mouth ... I only make plap-plap-puh-plap noises when I see an H.D. to get the full Harley effect you also have to hook up the bike to a paint shaker.
  8. skyway6

    First service

    yes does not make sense this 1 month or 1000km which ever comes first. Cant see how it would void a warranty. If that was the case then you would have to service the bike at exactly 1000km on odo. If you do it at 1001km warranty void? no I have had service done early on one bike at around 850km. My last bike was at 1400ish km. My FZ07 rolled over 1000km today but i do not have service until may 12. Only ride weekends so if next weekend not raining i probably have 1500km by the time i bring to dealer. Not really worried about it. but i guess i should ask what the charge will be.
  9. skyway6

    What other bikes have you owned?

    usually have both a scooter and motorcycle. Scooter mostly for short trips and in off season (Oct to April) 1971 Honda CB350 2006 Piaggio Fly 50 2006 Derbi Boulevard 150 2006 Piaggio X9 500 2011 Honda CBR250R 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 650 2013 Kawasaki Versys 650 2014 Yamaha BWS125 2014 Honda NC750S 2015 Honda CBR500R 2015 Yamaha Smax 155 2014 Honda Ruckus 50 2015 Yamaha Majesty 2016 Honda NC750X 2017 Yamaha FZ-07
  10. skyway6

    Fuel gauge off

    I picked up a 2017 FZ-07 on April 15/ The fuel gauge thing was the first i noticed. Something to get used to i guess. When i saw the last bar i stopped to fill up. Tank was just under half full. Only put in approx 8liters (of 14). I guess the main thing to get used to is how far to trust the F range indicator. If the bars indicator is not accurate, how far do we trust the xx liters to empty F gauge?
  11. The reasons i got the FZ-07 are many. I also have a Yamaha BWS125 scooter. I finally came to realize the most fun i had on bikes are light weight and easy to move around. I have had heavy and top heavy bikes. Too much to think about, have to be careful where you park and how you stop. I had a CBR250r and a CBR500r. Fun bikes but wanted more. They were light enough but low on power. My last bike was a Honda NC750X DCT, was a good bike and even tho the centre of gravity was low it was still a heavy bike at over 500 pounds. I also found to my disappointment that the NC was not really all that comfortable to ride. Wind noise and wind blast was surprisingly bad considering it has a faring and windscreen. The mostly upright seating ergo was hard on my butt and back. Could not go on long rides without alot of pain and discomfort. The two CBR bikes i could ride for multiple hours (6 plus) almost non-stop riding. I thought i was just getting too old and my long rides were over. Turned out it was the bike not me. So on April 15 i sold the NC and got the FZ-07. So glad i did. In two days i put over 600km on it. I can ride the thing for hours and not be in agony. It has all the light weight of the CBRs but with much more power. Amazed that the wind noise was much reduced. At highway speed the wind blast was tolerable.
  12. Greetings everyone. I picked up my new FZ-07 on April 15 2017. Loving it so far. I traded in my former Honda NC750X DCT. It was a good bike but so glad i changed. I only ride weekends when weather is decent. The only days i got to ride much were April 16 and 21 and a bit on New Bike Day. Even so with those two days i now have over 500km on it. I also have a BWS125 scooter for shorter rides and rain days. I started riding when i was 18 in 1975 when i got a few years old 1971 Honda CB350. I have had many bikes between then and now. As for upgrades. Not sure if the 2017 models had been changed from prior years but i find the stock muffler sound to be as loud as after market and would not want the bike to be any louder. Maybe i have more control of my right wrist but i do not find the bike to be wheelie prone as i saw from many of the You Tube vids i saw. Wondering if the ECU has been remapped for the 2017 model year. I may add slider spools and engine guard. I have ordered a wind screen. Wind is not really all that bad which was surprising. So the other reason to get a screen is to protect the area around the key and instrument panel. Looks like it be a nice spot for an insect graveyard and a pain to clear out all the bug guts. The only real complaint i have about the bike is the gas gauge. Will take a bit to get used to. It hits the last segment way too fast. As soon as i see last segment i always look for gas station. My first ride after i hit the last bar i filled up and only put in a bit over 8 liters. (so tank was still about half full) Some pix from my rides and new bike day New Bike Day. Bike was waiting for me on dealer showroom floor Ready to go on first ride. Old NC750X behind me. New Bike Day ride. stopped at University of BC

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