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  1. Yeah I find it kind of funny how so many on this forum own the fz-07 with the idea that's it's like some sort of stepping stone to another "better" bike. I've ridden and owned/own a lot of these "better" bikes and then bought an fz-07 because I wanted the fz-07. This bike is maximum fun, there's really nothing else I want from it. The motor is great, the sounds are great, the handling is what I want, etc. etc. I still own the race bike, but the fz-07 is the fun bike. I even turned down an xsr900 that was an option because it just wasn't as fun. So funny to me that all these people are looking to "upgrade", it's like they don't realize what they have. But everybody will do their own thing.
  2. bsd103


    Jealous that you were able to get the trim color-matched, from my order it wasn't an option : [ I haven't spent a ton of time with the bagster yet but it's definitely an improvement. I'm actually having the rear seat modified as it's right up in my tailbone since I sit far back in the seat. I just have the bultex memory foam and no gel, and kind of wish there was more foam just to make it that much more plush
  3. The dash will give you a code and that is better than nothing a lot better but this will allow you to see the numbers and wile it's running live numbers so you have a much better idea what is going on fix it and cancel the code, got to be worth what they are asking if it saves you going to the dealer once it will have more than payed for itself. Eh, I've been working on cars/trucks/motorcycles for a long time and never once have a needed more then a general code to figure out the related failure. The code lets you know the potential affected systems and then you start checking things/testing things/pulling things apart until you find the fault. Lot of people rely too much on the computers to tell you everything - just use some investigation skills, they're worth the time to improve. Also, what is going to pay for itself? Certainly not a yamaha diagnostic tool, unless you're charging everyone in town to use it : ] Also, if this made me come off as a crotchety anti-computer guy, it's quite the opposite - I'm a software engineer by day, and maybe that gives me an advantage when it comes to diagnostics?
  4. Also, do people realize the bike itself will still show you diagnostic info straight on the dash? It's not as thorough and powerful as the dealer tool, but I'm betting it'll get you by in most cases.
  5. Definitely test rode mine - I've been riding high-power sportbikes for a long time (and still do), but wanted something more comfortable for long distances, 2 up, and still lots of fun to ride. I really liked the xsr900 and test rode that, but didn't love it. Was hesitant to try the fz-07 b/c everyone said I would be "bored with the power" with the bikes I'm used to riding. How wrong they were - within the first 30 seconds I knew the bike was a gem. I find it really strange that lots of newer riders feel the need to "upgrade" from the fz-07 to something with a bigger motor - makes me think they're missing what this bike is all about. It's so torquey and fun and flickable, but I guess people want to experience "big power". What they'll eventually learn is that power is just a novelty that wears off, but to each their own.
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    I moved

    I'm just imagining you sitting on that thing with the way the can is angled and my neck and back hurts. lol
  7. bsd103

    Battleax BT023 track pressures?

    Yeah I run Q3s on my R6 and I was pretty impressed with the BT-023s on the fz. I even think they have a bit more traction as a street tire (cooler temps). They don't quite have the feedback of the Q3s but they're clearly in a different category! Heard nothing but good about those new Q3+s though, will probably be my next go-to tire.
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    Something about baguettes, putting on airs, eating snails.. lol
  9. bsd103

    That sound!!

    Spot on. The automatic cam chain tensioner also relies on the oil to operate, so viscosity will affect its tension (if his noise is indeed from the CCT). I've also had really good experience with motul 7100 ester synthetic when it comes to ticking and shifting smoothness with my R6. It seems to maintain the viscosity/slickness the bike likes for longer than any other oil i've used. Not a cheap oil though.
  10. bsd103

    That sound!!

    Generally yamaha ticking (they are pretty known for it) is either from the automatic cam chain tensioner not keeping the chain at the ideal tension (too loose), or it's just normal valve train noise (which may have changed slightly as the valve clearances may have changed slightly). Not generally anything to worry about. If the bike's under warranty definitely get it checked out, or just get it checked out if you can't sleep at night lol. Unlikely to be anything serious though.
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    I'm not sure if you were referring to the luimoto or the bagster seats, but if it's the latter they are absolutely top rated and the gold standard for comfort. Only harder to obtain in the states because they don't have a presence here. Silverstonemotor, where I ordered from, is also very responsive and has great customer service (even in english). Definitely excited to get my seats!
  12. bsd103


    I actually ended up putting in an order several days ago as the bagster appears to be of better quality material, foam, etc. I wanted a comfy passenger seat as well. I ended up going with the upgrade to the bultex memory foam as well. Will report on how it performs when I receive it in about a month (they're made to order).
  13. bsd103


    As I plan on buying one of these when I have the funds and I'm not sure you've had any luck yet - I think we should be able to order from this website - Silverstonemotor.com

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