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  1. Ditto. Can't relate to cold temps here in SoCal either, so much respect, but for me it's the Exhaust. Without it, my bike was just a fun putt arounder. Now I'm a badass that wakes the neighbors. Next up is grow a sweet mullet, punch a kitten, and get a knife tattoo on my neck.
  2. My getup: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-viper-air-textile-jacket Flows a ton of air, and absolutely worthless for cold weather. the removable windbreaker vest is great but my arms get cold when it's in the 60's. So it's perfect right now! https://image.ibb.co/icJP75/viper_air.png' alt='viper_air.png'>
  3. hamfist33

    New "want to be owner"

    Both are amazing bikes and you won't regret either. Just find the best deal and get the color you want! Congrats when you get it!
  4. I'll chime. I got both of my current bikes this year. I really wanted a dual sport for the ultimate do everything swiss army knife bike, but then I decided I couldn't compromise on performance. So, I got my rmz250 to occasionally poop myself on the dirtbike tracks, and when I don't want to drive an hour to the nearest track, I got my fz-07 to poop myself locally.
  5. hamfist33

    Flash Tune Data-Link?

    Okay, I know this is a flashtune thread, but I bought the flashtune specifically for the Akrapovic addition. So, after installing the exhaust, I took your advice noodles and flashed the bike with the stock map with the PCV Akra map on top of it. It's perfect!!! Thanks man! You even still have the option to change fan temps and engine decel cut too. The exhaust note is night and day epic from the stock exhaust. Up hwy 33 there's a few mountain tunnels you go through and revving through there was pure ear candy.
  6. hamfist33

    If money was no issue

    They had the new r6 in the showroom when I picked up the FZ. Had my adrenaline going just looking at it. But money is an object and I wanted a zippy upright for me and the lady. Sure miss my old R6 though...
  7. hamfist33

    Found out how far you can lean

    Hey, good to know the frame sliders do the trick!
  8. hamfist33

    Flash Tune Data-Link?

    Alrighty, I'll try the stock tune and overlay it with the PCV map. Safer's always better to me! I might finally install the Acrapovic this week too.
  9. hamfist33

    Flash Tune Data-Link?

    So, I've just been riding my bike around all day today with the new unrestricted map and I have to say it does feel noticeably smoother. I was getting some idling issues yesterday but it seems to have sorted itself out. The engine braking is much lighter making throttle on off situations much less jumpy. clutchless downshifts with throttle blips are smoother. I can also take slow corners way better since I don't have to touch the clutch so much. Overall I like it!
  10. I figured it was something like that. I was thinking I did it wrong cuz I registered and downloaded the program before even hooking it up to my bike so I thought "oh crap I just bought the wrong license".
  11. I took a blowdryer to it, let it warm for a bit to soften it, and peeled it off. for the remaining glue (not much), I took this pink and black spray cleaner wax and a microfiber and wiped it off. 5 minutes, easy peesy.
  12. hamfist33

    New from California First bike

    Welcome! Also from CA.
  13. Oh and what's all this "No Registered ECU Found. Attempt to marry To Virgin Lic#" about??? I wasn't expecting that. When I clicked no, it wanted me to buy some license for $100 bucks. I don't get it. I thought I bought everything I needed.
  14. When I was fiddling with mine, I accidentally pushed one of those plastic pins deeper into the connector and spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to dig it out. I ended up sticking a paperclip thru the underside of the connector and "pushing" the pin out. I'm sure the same would work in your situation. Sorry about the broken connectors, that's a bummer.
  15. hamfist33

    Flash Tune Data-Link?

    What happened when you used the unrestricted map Noodles? I don't want to break anything but that's what I loaded last night. I was hesitant to change anything at first since my bike is a '16 and the US map is '15, but I did it anyway and its seems to run just fine. Snappier even.

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