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  1. grefshk

    Hello from Wisconsin!

    Welcome from Madison, WI!!!
  2. I bought a lowering spring kit from HyperPro and it turned out amazing. Lowered the front and the rear about 20mm.
  3. grefshk

    Last Ride of the Season

    My last ride was sometime in November. it got so cold in Madison, Wi! And the following weekend my cars windows were smashed while in my driveway. My bike sits outside with a cover since I do not have a garage yet. Glad it was put away so it didn't get hurt! haha.
  4. I'd rather just put some reflective tape on my helmet. Heck of a lot cheaper.
  5. grefshk


    That's awesome
  6. grefshk


    I haven't had the chance to put them on yet. But here's a link to the rim decals: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014HXRLX4/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I1MKRSBSY6ZO4F&colid=3UF6V7QMB6KQC&psc=1 And then the other decal I don't have a link to because it was bought from the person who made them.. but here's a picture of what the decal themselves look like! I got them in purple because my lowering spring is purple. That's also why the rim decals I got are purple!
  7. I know it's a few days after Christmas but I was wondering what FZ07 parts did you guys get for Christmas?!?! I got a new headlight and some reflective decals for my wheels I haven't celebrated Christmas with my father yet but I did hint to him that I would like a integrated tail light. Fingers crossed, lol.
  8. grefshk

    New Model From Suzuki SV650X

    I don't know what I was thinking but I'm so glad I was talked out of it!
  9. grefshk

    New Model From Suzuki SV650X

    I almost bought a SV over the FZ when I was bike shopping! Got talked out of it
  10. grefshk

    New Model From Suzuki SV650X

    They only offer it in one color. That might be a turn off for some buyers!
  11. Not a whole lot of riders in the Madison, Wisconsin area
  12. grefshk

    Hello from Argentina!

    Welcome from Wisconsin!!
  13. grefshk

    Show me your......

    The only thing I've noticed is that it makes my helmet whistle. But other than that no noticeable turbulence!!
  14. grefshk

    Show me your......

    It takes all the pressure off of my chest. This is basically my first bike and how strong the wind pushed against my chest made me hate long rides. I'm sure if I took it off I'd be fine now with some riding experience under my belt. Even still, it really helps with long rides!
  15. grefshk

    Show me your......

    it's techinally a sport-touring windscreen! https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/national-cycle-vstream-sport-touring-windscreen-yamaha-fz-07-2015-2016

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