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  1. Why not a heli-coil? Just for my own knowledge.
  2. guylee


    We're gonna need a new resident smartass. I volunteer as tribute.
  3. I didn't pay much attention last time I filled but I think E free 91 just broke the $3 mark here in the Denver Metro.
  4. guylee

    Riding Game

    I forgot all about this. I won't be able to venture into the mountains until sunday though.
  5. guylee

    Engine damage

    I too like to run sand through my motor sometimes.
  6. guylee

    New Look

    So far I like it. The minimalist design gives it that old school feel.
  7. guylee

    Compact F.A.K. ?

    Yeah maybe just the TQ...
  8. guylee

    Compact F.A.K. ?

    tourniquette, Needle D, and a space blanket. Anything else should be left to the professionals.
  9. I'm all about strapping rocket thrusters to stuff. It can't go wrong!
  10. Mine got fresh oil, a chain cleaning, and a bath today just in time to get put back in the garage to wait out the rain for the next few days.
  11. Buddy and I got some new head light bulbs so we threw those in and I adjusted my head light. Such a massive improvement over stock.

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