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  1. tarmac

    Frame sliders. Yes or No?

    Lightech frame sliders for me.
  2. Isn't lien just a normal part of a financed vehicle? Why are you guys afraid of it even after seeing the bike? If you get the title, that's the end of story. There's nothing to worry about after that.
  3. $4300 is about the lowest I have ever heard for a normal mileage FZ07. Basically, if it has not been dropped/crashed, you should go for it. Look it over carefully, but in my opinion, small issues should be used to negotiate, not as a sign of a bad bike. Example: "When we said $4300 I presumed the tires were good, but they have a lot of wear. How about $4100?" etc.
  4. tarmac

    Ear Peace Ear Plugs Review

    Why would you want only 11dB of protection? Every foam plug I have ever used was at least 29dB. Just find a pair that fits. Not all ear canals are the same. I use Moldex, Leight, and Radians brands.
  5. tarmac

    Lo warning

    I think they use "LO" because you can spell those letters with the LCD segment number display.
  6. To clean the rims: just use kerosene on a rag if you have it. It cuts through grease and dirt. Wipe afterwards with a clean rag. Lube: I use Maxima Chain Wax, no flinging if you apply it after your ride and let it set. I will probably buy Motul Chain Paste after the Maxima runs out, it is wax in a tube/applicator form.
  7. tarmac

    Lo warning

    It's not a code. It just means the engine temp is below the range of the thermometer. Same as when you start a car and the coolant sensor starts in the cold end of the guage. There is absolutely no reason to warm it up while parked, but yous do yous. I just ride gently until about 150F
  8. I think it is set 3 notches from min, not max? I'm still confused by the stock suspension. There should at least be a basic guideline for settings (3=160lb, 5=180lb, etc). What is the guideline? It nearly throws me from my seat on big bumps, something even my POS Ninja 250 didn't do, but I can't even decide which way to adjust it based on this symptom.
  9. tarmac


    Fitment to your headshape is way more important that brand or features. I know Shoei is intermediate oval, on the rounder side. I'm guessing the Icon is slightly longer. Either way, you need to try them on to know which works better for you. If they truly fit identically to you, the Shoei has better features and looks better, but that is just one jerk's opinion.
  10. I dunno about the common complaints, but the main seat removal process is the worst I've ever seen. An allen wrench to access the battery? GTFO To add insult to injury, the cable helmet lock is hilariously bad. Other than that, I agree with OP, I have little problem with much else.
  11. tarmac

    Where do you guys park?

    There's not much you should do differently. Maybe you could make sure to park towards the space opening so that no one pulls in without seeing your bike, then gets pissed off when they have to back out.
  12. tarmac

    Go pro mount options

    Chin mount makes for the best videos but I don't like putting anything on my helmet. I use the Chesty harness. It gives a video game FPS feel, but that's not why I use it.

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