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  1. faffi

    Motor blew up

    With the number of units made, there is bound to be material and/or assembly mistakes/failures here and there. I don't think you did anything wrong, you just had bad luck. However, I personally would contact Yamaha USA and explain the mileage, use and what happened. If they won't listen, I'd try Yamaha Japan. In Germany, it is quite common for importers to fix things out warranty on "kulanz", that is sort of a friendly gesture where they accept responsibility to a certain degree, from 10 to 100 %. Quite often, they will supply the parts, but not warrant the work. We have the same situation in Norway, where it's called "reklamasjon". A warranty, at least hear, means they must fix the thing unless they can prove gross negligence. But if a part is expected to last let's say 5 or 10 years, you can claim compensation even if you do not have a warranty when a product fail to meet its minimum expected life.
  2. Well, I thought so. Bike in question is a Suzuki, but should still be relevant for the 07.
  3. faffi

    moving on

    When I was 16 and rode a restricted CB100 (back then, lightweight motorcycles were limited to 7hp and 50 mph) a mate at school had a GT500, the final edition of the two-stroke twin that I pillioned on a couple of times. I remember two things; the grunt that would put my ankles under his armpits if he accelerated hard and the vibrations that would shake me feet off the pegs at anything above 4000 rpm. Oh, I remember a third thing; my CB100 sans end muffler insert made quite a bit of sound, but sitting next to the idling GT you couldn't even hear a hint of sound from the Honda. Another memory is that of a neighbour when I grew up in the 60s who had a first-generation T500 Cobra, the one with the short swingarm. In orange metallic. I still remember the sound, the smell, the stunning looks and the size of that thing. It dwarfed the R5, for instance. Of course, today it doesn't look large at all, but back then it was the real deal. Engine was also indestructible. The neighbour tried to kill his by revving it to more than 65 mph in first gear. Repeatedly. The rev counter was indicating an estimated 11k plus rpm in the 9k rpm scale. Redline was 7k.
  4. faffi

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    Beemer, I would be very interested to learn what Porsche helped design with the final drive as it is basically identical in principle to that of the Viragos that appeared one year prior, and also to the XJ650 that appeared in 1980, two years before the XZ550. You can check this out at partzilla.com. Even the rear wheels interchange between the 3 and naturally use the same splines on the final drive, and the swingarm and suspension are spitting images of that on the Viragos. If we look at the middle gears, they also appear to use the same principle, albeit different part numbers and different input axles, but the drive pinions operate in the same manner. There are no evidence of anything special or different in the final drive design that I can spot. The German magazine Das MOTORRAD wrote in issue 1, 1982, that development time for the XZ550 was only 15 months, astonishing even for a Japanese company when it came to bringing out a totally new model. They also praised the Japanese engineers on the brilliant gearbox and virtually reaction-free final drive. Much like the Virago, I may add from personal experience. It seems likely, to me, at least, that the German magazine would have mentioned it if the German car maker Porsche had been involved. At least they made a big case of Porsche helping Harley developing a V4 back when. According to this https://bikerszene.de/magazin/testberichte/402541/yamaha-xs-750-xs-850.html the story about Porsche developing the XS750 final drive is false; they claim it was designed with help from Getrag. The article also say that Porsche did stress test the final drive and also took to the triple, enlarging the engine to 900cc and fitting much sportier cams of their own design. Unfortunately, according to the article, this was not revealed until much later.
  5. faffi

    Best FZ-07 tires?

    You can run a 110/70 up front and a 170/60 in the rear and still be within the recommendations for the rims.
  6. faffi

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    They wet-soak very easily and short out. I've used a lot of NGKs, and when things are right, they do fine. But if an engine isn't properly tuned, like a two-stroke getting too much oil or any engine getting a much too rich mixture or the ignition being weak, in my experience nothing give up sooner than NGK standard plug. They short out and spark is then erratic at best.
  7. faffi

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    Hm, I'll have to try and remember to check when I visit the kid next time. I just noticed that the sparkplug next to the correct box had no cap on in the picture.
  8. faffi

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    Have not tried, but looks normal and removable, as also this picture shows
  9. faffi

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    Beemer, I am pretty sure Porsche had nothing to do with the shaft final drive on the Vision. They did help designing the shaft on the XS750; AFAIK, it is the only constant velocity joint in motorcycling. It was also very costly. So from the XS1100-on, Yamaha used a simple U-joint as everybody else.
  10. faffi

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    Bike has 9k miles on it now and belongs to my son. Knowing him, he will not change them until he have to. Really have to
  11. faffi

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    I have owned bikes with everything from 2.5 to 130hp, and I have been utterly happy with the MT07 as well as my current 550lb scrambler with an XV1100 engine making perhaps 65-70 crank hp on a good day. I also have fun on bikes with half that. And high power itself does not a nice bike make. In other words, for me, power is just one of many things that decide if a bike is fun or not.
  12. faffi

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    I was surprised to learn that even the Thruxton R with Ohlins come stock with mismatched suspension, according to Dave Moss. You can find video on youtube.
  13. faffi

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    Hmm, 50 years from now I'll only be 104 and in my prime
  14. I move every 5-10 minutes to keep the onset of butt burn at bay for as long as possible, but sitting back where my rump is touching the pillion is the most used position for the added base of support.When attacking corners with vigor, I scoot forward for more control.

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