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  1. Yeah I was back and forth between a new FZ 09, the XSR and the FJ. I really wanted to like the XSR but it wasn't very comfortable for me when I sat on it. I then thought that I'd get a 2017 09 since they added ABS and TC. Seeing as I can only have one bike I opted for the FJ because it can pretty much do anything I'll ask of it.
  2. Awesome! Just thrashed it for 30 ish miles and am gonna change the oil now. That motor just wants to pull pull pull, you're hitting 80 before you know it. I can't imagine what riding an FZ 09 is like. So far I've only ridden it in the standard mode with traction control enabled. It's a bit heavy until you get it rolling but once you do it's just as flickable as the 07 was, surprisingly. Riding position is very comfortable, my knees are enjoying having less bend in them. For whatever reason, I was never able to really feel confident cornering the 07, idk if it was the suspension or what. I haven't pushed the FJ very hard so far but everything has been pretty effortless so far. Looking forward to putting some more miles on it.
  3. Donno, haven't ridden it yet. I'm looking forward to it though.
  4. hpclayto

    2018 YAMAHA XSR700

    I've been thinking about trading my FZ in for one. Found a great deal on a new 2016.
  5. hpclayto

    2018 YAMAHA XSR700

    No traction control like it's big brother? Boo.
  6. hpclayto

    2018 H2 preorders are now taken!

    Perfect! I've been wondering what to do with that extra 30k I had lying around.
  7. There's one on my local craigslist that I find myself looking at everyday. I can't justify having two bikes and know the FJ would be better at longer rides which is what I want to do.
  8. hpclayto

    5 State Iron Butt

    My butt hurts just thinking about it, sounds like a good time though.
  9. Put my seats back on that astech seats reworked, put my handlebar risers on and made some brackets to raise my instrument cluster up. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/sw-motech-78-handlebar-risers http://www.astechseat.com/
  10. hpclayto

    FZ-07 vs FJ-09

    If you're looking for more comfort you may be interested in this and it ain't too expensive. http://www.astechseat.com/ I actually had them do my seats. It should be waiting for me when I get home from vacation so we'll see how the butt feels then!
  11. I wanted to get a set of the Phoenix risers but couldn't find them anywhere. Ended up getting some 1" SW Motech ones but haven't been able to ride the bike yet as my seats are getting redone right now.
  12. hpclayto

    FZ-07 vs FJ-09

    I've been flrting with the idea of ditching my FZ for an FJ 09 for some longer, more comfortable riding. I got some handlebar risers and am going to have my seat redone to see if that helps at all.
  13. hpclayto

    New FZ owner in Ky.

    Floyd County??? so close, I am in Pike County Small world. I'll keep an eye out for another armor grey 07!
  14. hpclayto

    New FZ owner in Ky.

    Where abouts? I'm in Floyd County.

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