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  1. Wow! Nice! Hoping for a write up when you're finished!
  2. If its good enough for a GP bike, its good enough for me. lol The look doesn't bother me at all.
  3. Thanks. I thought the same thing. I suppose its a bit unconventional, but upon a closer look, lines on the GP bikes are routed in a similar fashion. Not sure if that's why they call this the "GP kit" or if it serves a greater purpose. Loving them so far.
  4. Hey Guys, I just received my bike back from the folks at Galfer Performance Braking Systems! After speaking with them at COTA during the MotoGP weekend, I was told that they were looking for a bike to do some R&D on. Well, I just happen to be semi-local to them so I let them take the bike to do whatever they wanted. The bike was measured for front and rear braided lines in a couple of different configurations. I also had them install front and rear Wave rotors along with sintered pads to go with them! They weren't sure how their GP kit would turn out on the FZ, but the results were great! This kit splits the lines at the master cylinder rather than running one line down and across the front fender to the right side caliper. In my opinion, it looks bitchin and performs just as well. From what I understand, they can also provide a kit that replicates the OEM setup. This is the first bike that I've ever had for street use, and I've never ridden with braided lines or upgraded rotors and pads. My initial feeling was that the breaks are much more responsive than the OEM setup. I haven't had a chance to go for a long ride yet, but I'm told that brake fade will be of no concern with this setup. I don't plan on tracking this setup so I won't be able to provide any kind of feedback on that sort of abuse. Here are a handful of pictures. Enjoy! This is the stock setup. One line down to the left side caliper and another over the top of the front fender. Here is the GP kit setup. It is split just after the master and routed down to each caliper. upload link direct
  5. Hi Everyone, A little background on myself: I'm 27 years old and live in Orange County. I've grown up around motorcycles my whole life. I helped my dad build bikes since I was old enough to pull a brake lever and hold, and release it and hold it again, or measure sag while he sat on it. He build everything from TL-1000Rs, multiple GSX-Rs, a few Aprilias (2016 RSV-4 RF is current toy) and a CBR-1000rr Repsol edition. Nothing on these bikes was stock. If my dad could get to the bolt, it was replaced with a Titanium version. I've grown up going to Laguna Seca and now COTA for the races every year since 1998, so I'm no stranger to the riding scene. I had a dirt bike as a kid, but I was forced to step away after Mom freaked out after an accident. I finally have something that I can build on my own in the form of a 2016 Carbon Grey/Night Fluo FZ-07. This will be my little project while learning to ride on the street which is new to me. I've wasted no time in customizing the bike. I plan to install a good amount of mods on this bike. Below is the current mod list. Current Mods: TST Industries Fender Eliminator TST Flush Mount LED front Turn Signals (Smoked) TST Integrated Tail light (Clear) Pazzo Shorty Brake and Clutch levers Galfer Performance Stainless Steel lines (GP Kit) Galfer Performance Sintered Pads front and rear Galfer Performance Wave Rotors front and rear Ermax Belly Pan (waiting for paint) Ermax Radiator Guards (waiting for paint) Considerations: Hordpower airbox SC Project CRT exhaust Power Commander V Custom Dyno Tune Carbon Fiber bits? Not sure how I feel about the carbon fiber against the Carbon Grey Blue anodized hardware? Frame sliders, fork sliders, rear swing arms spools Bar end mirrors Suggestions? Now for the pics. I'll update this with captions soon. Here she is the day they slapped the "sold" tag on here. The paparazzi got a picture of me in on Mount Palomar. This is the GP that Galfer put on the front of the bike. It splits the lines at the master cylinder and runs a line down to each caliper. On the way home from the middle of nowhere Pazzo Racing shorty levers installed Here is where the line splits and runs down to each caliper They also installed lines on the rear. Pazzo Racing shorty levers before install Anza Borrego lookout spot.
  6. The first things I put on my bike were the TST integrated tail light, fender eliminator and LED flush mount front turn signals. I went with the clear tail light and smoked front flush mounts. Both are very visible according to those I've ridden with. I didn't purchase the relay as I actually prefer the quicker blinking rate as it grabs attention faster. Installation of all three products was a breeze thanks to TST's installation videos on YouTube. For less than $160 shipped, it's the best round of mod's I've done. They really clean up the bike!
  7. Recently picked mine up as well! I'm in Anaheim. I see you are also a fellow VW driver. Nice MK7! I drive a MK5 R32! If you ever need wheels, I work for VMR. Check out the snake along with ACH and GMR. They are fairly close to you.
  8. Nice! I took mine to Palomar for the first time on Memorial Day. Mine was picked up by Galfer for R&D. they are working on creating lines for the FZ-07. I think I'm going to go with the GP kit, pending how well it turns out. It will be split at the master cylinder and they'll run one line down to each caliper. Excited to get it back hopefully this week!
  9. brad

    FZ-07 pricing thread

    Picked up a 2016 Armor Grey at Temecula Motorsports for $7390.

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