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  1. If you had "been there done that" why didn't you mention it the first time around? Lol. Everyone is looking for a solution. Although it does not fix the engineering/manufacturing issues with the spring and switch setup, it's definitely a way to solve it. Next time I pull it apart I'll slap some glue on the threads to keep it from loosening up through vibration like mentioned above. I understand your frustration with Yamaha but until they redesign the switch operation, there's not much else you can do other than changing/modifying the spring.
  2. Rick, There is an adjustment rod right behind the foot guard which is designed to be adjusted to the rider's foot position for comfort/proper brake application. My rear brake pedal still has a rather generous "dead zone" for the reasons you just mentioned, but it has been adjusted slightly to fit my foot/ankle position more appropriately. The other adjustments that I've made only relate to the spring that operates the light.
  3. [strong]I've fixed it!!![/strong] I should have taken photos but I didn't think about it until after. Now, you do not need any aftermarket parts or fancy tools. Just a couple of Hex screwdrivers and patience. There are two springs behind the foot plate/rear brake pedal, the black spring controls the pedal itself and the silver smaller spring controls the light. The silver spring is a bit too long/loose like mentioned before. Upon taking the whole foot pedal section apart, including the foot guard and pedal assembly... I noticed that the brake light switch holds the spring in place by a THREADED PLASTIC MECHANISM!! Viola, turn the plastic spring holder guy to TIGHTEN the spring tension. Reinstall everything and you're golden. Now the only downside to this is that you have no way of testing your adjustments. You have to make a change and then put it all back together to see how the light reacts. I had to disassemble the whole things twice because the first time around I made too much of an adjustment and the light wouldn't activate at all. This is where you need patience. Trial and error until you get it just right. I have now adjusted the spring tension and adjusted the pedal height to where the light illuminates with the slightest touch of the pedal and turns off the moment it returns to normal resting position. I believe this is the end of the light sticking issues for me.
  4. I paid $6200 for a 2016 with 1100km on it. Already broken in with first service done. I'm in Alberta so I didn't have to pay tax since it was a private sale.
  5. jareds89

    Where do you guys park?

    That hurts my heart to read. I hate people. I've always parked in regular spots. My thinking is that if I was driving a car, I'd be taking up that same spot anyway, so whats the big deal if its a bike. A vehicle is a vehicle....
  6. jareds89

    Bar-End Mirrors???

    If you are in Canada, yes. If in USA , then click my two links above and save a ton of money on same parts. Perfect Thanks for the help guys! I think I'll wait and save up a bit for the links I mentioned above.
  7. jareds89

    Bar-End Mirrors???

    https://www.motostarz.ca/rhinomoto-barends-mirror-mounts-for-yamaha-fz-mt-models.html https://www.motostarz.ca/accessories/mirrors-mirror-mounts/rizoma-reverse-retro-mirror-1-mirror.html?___SID=U I would need these to complete the bar end package correct?
  8. jareds89

    Bar-End Mirrors???

    The feedback is great guys, thanks! I'm attracted to the RhinoMoto and CRG combo but I'm from the Great White North and the current exchange rate and shipping would make my wallet cry even more that it already would be haha. Are the Rizoma mirrors clamp on? or do they replace the bar ends? I can't really see in the photo and the website doesn't specify.
  9. jareds89

    Debadging, yes or no

    [span] [/span][span] [/span][span] [/span][span] I love that it's not even an intentional number. You just dragged your finger across the keyboard hahaha. [/span]
  10. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with buying Ebay/Amazon Bar end mirrors. I'm pretty hesitant because most of what is out there seems to be of low quality or tends to vibrate horribly. The reviews on Ebay or amazon only help so much. I'm interested in something like this. https://www.amazon.ca/Universal-Motorcycle-Aluminum-Rearview-Mirrors/dp/B01N1IWN7T/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1492452605&sr=8-5&keywords=bar+end+mirrors However I'm open to suggestions. I was looking into getting hand guards with integrated mirrors, but that seems to be more of the expensive route. You need 3 different components to pull it off. here's the one component. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00E62MUYM/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pd_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2PRVJELUVI4FN&coliid=I6YJPSPORMIY7 Anyway... Just looking for insight to see if anyone has had good or bad experiences with bar end mirrors.
  11. I am basically the person that you described in the original post. It's all personal preference. As someone who comes from riding Ducati's, R6's and R1's, I am forever in love with the "clean" sport bike look. The fender eliminator kit to me is a must. There's just too much going on in the tail. It looks messy and definitely not "clean" in my opinion. The front signals look like giant pumpkins and draw the eye to something I don't want eyes drawn to lol. It doesn't flow with the bike and doesn't look aesthetically pleasing to me. Heel guard and frame pieces should have been black in my opinion... So I painted them. Again, this is personal preference as I think it creates better contrast with the tank. There is less going on in places that I don't want people "looking" is the best way I can describe it. I love the look of the naked style, but why make all of the components silver to draw the eye? Rear brake is way too mushy. Engine braking on this bike is amazing, but for those stupid cagers that don't understand what that is? I don't want to be rear ended. That tail light should illuminate with the slightest touch so that Johnny Cager behind me knows I'm braking, and isn't surprised when he's up my ass because I engine braked without him being notified. I use my rear brake more than anything for that very reason, plus there's less stress on the engine. Brake pads are cheaper than a new engine. Mirrors work great for me, however they're ugly as hell. Again...... Preference. I don't like the bunny ear style look. I prefer the bar end mirrors. They're out of the way, your shoulders don't block the sight lines and it looks much cleaner in my opinion. This post wasn't to bash the OP in any way, just providing insight as to why people like me think these things. It just boils down to preference.
  12. jareds89

    How To: GP Shift on the FZ-07

    Just completed this tutorial myself on the 2016 model and it was a pretty easy job to cut the aluminum cover. One thing I'd mention for anyone that is going to cut into it would be that the plastic clip at the bottom of the cover will not fit back into its holder following this tutorial. You either just bolt the cover back on without securing the bottom plastic clip, or you put a couple washers underneath the bolt for the plastic clip so you can secure it back into its housing.

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