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  1. Hey @mjh937 Go into your profile and then click "edit profile" then turn on "status updates"!


    It works like Facebook, you can post in your own profile and on other peoples profiles if they have it turned on. @Cruizin is working on getting it turned on for everyone. 

    This feature will become important soon as we add more features! 

    1. mjh937


      Okay, I turned it on.  It will be interesting to see how it works. 

    2. Cruizin


      @mjh937 Works great and a great way to share info with people on the forum, kinda like on Facebook.


  2. @mjh937 @Guru


    Hey, go into profile, edit profile and turn on "status updates". 

  3. zilrevva

    2018 MT-07

    Wow blast from the past!
  4. Oh Yeah, this is for real. Last year this forum bought entire inventory out on a couple SKU's from a large online retailer. Some of the best deals go in a matter of hours, adjust notification settings to get email on Black Friday as I will be contributing to this thread too.
  5. Check out Revzilla's Cold weather jackets here https://www.revzilla.com/winter-motorcycle-jackets Check out Revzilla's Heated gear and heated jackets here https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle-heated-gear Check out Revzilla's heated motorcycle gloves here https://www.revzilla.com/heated-motorcycle-gloves No reason to freeze the balls off, and this stuff can extend your riding season. What cold weather gear do you use? Post a link!
  6. Some good stuff from SW Mototech on sale for four days! https://www.revzilla.com/search?query=FZ-07&commit=Search#v2-facets%5B%5D=4012&page=1&page_size=96&sort=featured&tab=all&query=FZ-07
  7. Cmon you cheapskates, I want my damn Coffee Mug! Help the forum that you use for free!
  8. Lol, just ordered the phone tshirt (thank you for that) and a hoodie! Anything to help the greatest forum in the world! Thanks for working on that new forum update, when will it be ready?
  9. I just ordered the Akro described above. From here
  10. Got my helmet in the mail and love it. Fits great and is the quietest helmet that I have ever owned.
  11. zilrevva

    2wdw flash cost

    $315 for the tune and future updates is a great price. I'm sending mine in as soon as I get my bike.
  12. Schuberth makes some of the best performing and protective helmets in the industry. They are usually very expensive helmets. They also are the only Helmet company who helps you with a replacement if you crash. As in, call them and provide copy of police report and copy of the original receipt and they will sell you a replacement for a very huge discount. Nobody else does this. This is the Schuberth C-3 Pro Observer helmet. Currently 46% off. It's usually $829.00, on sale for $450.00 https://images.viglink.com/product/250x250/www-revzilla-com/6a33c081c31d99a1506aa026d001b63cdc15222b.jpg?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.revzilla.com%2Fproduct_images%2F0273%2F4001%2Fschuberth_c3_pro_observer_helmet_yellow_detail.jpg I just upgraded from my Schuberth C-2 and this is an amazing helmet. Highly recomended!
  13. I had a Harley Fatboy for a while. Within the first two months the speedometer just stopped working. Then, at the one year mark I had a total camshaft failure. Took months for the dealership to even get approval to honor the warranty and it was off the road for 7 months. Totally wiped out my riding season. I sold it shortly after and would never spend another dime on a Harley Davidson.
  14. I see that @admin like's revzilla too! Great low priced gear in this thread. Thanks for the tips!
  15. Im new here too and just ordered my fz-07. Ive been riding for a while and have one piece of advice. Spend your money on good protective gear before doing upgrades. Good cold weather gear. Good Hot weather gear. That way you will wear it. Props on taking riding courses!

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