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  1. I'm too lazy to look up where you're at but WAWA usually has certain pumps at each location that offer Ethanol free premium. If my memory servers me correctly it's 93 octane.
  2. DewMan

    MT07 camshaft end cover hex size?

    #1 is 14mm and #2 takes a 5mm.
  3. DewMan

    Hello world

    There.. fixed it for you.
  4. My guess is that's the price before the overly inflated shipping & setup charges are added.
  5. DewMan

    Pro taper bars

    I'd be hesitant to blame the bars for headshake. I'd be double-checking the triple-tree alignment, straightness of the forks and the head bearings for notching especially after a crash. If all that has already been done... nevermind. Good luck resolving your issue.
  6. I used this MotionPro 41mm seal driver successfully when installing my JBH. You'll need, if memory servers correctly, an 8mm Allen key I cut down to about 4-5 inches long to use with a socket to get the bolt out of the bottom. I used air impact and it zipped right out. No damper rod holder needed for me anyway. I ordered the bushings from @pattonme
  7. Which "big windscreen" are you using? To my knowledge Madstad makes the largest cruising windscreen available for the FZ/MT-07 with screens as tall as 22in with adjustable angle and height. But honestly I don't think you're going to happy with any thing short of a trading up to a Goldwing if arm & leg air pressure bother you. Best of luck finding a solution.
  8. DewMan

    Niken first ride Review Video!

    Your previous guess of USD$16k was spot on ! My guess of USD$20k was way off.
  9. Consider the "Crash protection stuff" /"slider kit" as cheap insurance. Nothing short of a full safety cage will prevent bike damage from a wreck at speed, though It will probably help minimize some of the damage. What it's best for is low speed parking lot type lay downs and tip overs which are probably more common than high speed lay downs. It will probably protect much more expensive parts from getting damaged in those scenarios. @intensity_white best of luck to you staying the that first camp for as long as possible.
  10. I didn't buy an aftermarket exhaust to be loud. I just wanted something that sounds more like an internal combustion engine than a sewing machine. The Akra Ti gave me that without being crazy loud using the DB killer. That said, to each their own as to whether they feel the need for a loud exhaust or not.
  11. Or better yet... Off a cliff with a down draft?
  12. One of several stories I can think of: Setting the Stage: While riding on busy downtown 65mph speed limit Interstate highway with continuous curves and lots of lanes while heading into the sun, I was wearing a full face helmet, gloves and Aviator sunglasses (It was the 1980s) under the clear visor that I had cracked open one notch for air in the hot Florida summer. The Event: Everything was fine... until the bug flew into my helmet and up under my sunglasses and imbedded itself in the only eye that I've been able to legally see out of since birth. The impact of it on my only good eye causes it to immediately start to tear up and blur my vision as I'm trying to see to drive these curves in fast heavy traffic through an eye that I can now barely see out of. I can't immediately get to the bug due to my gloves, visor and sunglasses in the way. While still trying to not get run over or run off the road of my own accord and afraid I'd get run over if I slowed down enough to pull over on the narrow shoulder, I dug into my helmet with my gloved hand to snatch my sunglasses out of my helmet and flung them away so I could then, with my gloved hand, work to get the bug out of my eye. All while still dealing with high speed heavy traffic. Miraculously I was able to work the bug out of my eye and get my sight restored enough to work my way over a few lanes to take an exit ramp. The pucker factor was high on that one. Lesson Learned: Always were proper eye protection.
  13. DewMan

    Clutch not pulled in enough?

    As long as the clutch lever is pulled in enough to fully disengage the clutch that's far enough. I'm not aware of any issue with pulling the clutch lever in further than that. Not pulling in the clutch lever enough to fully disengage the clutch can cause excess wear on the drive train parts as @no-lag stated.

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