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  1. blankcheese

    Pricing and dealer markup

    In my experience they either: A. Start low, then add every setup/doc/freight fee known to man B. Start higher and claim they are waiving fees they normally charge Popular bike, tax refund season, good riding weather. And if you're in a hot market, there's no free lunch.
  2. blankcheese

    Front Wheel/Brake question

    The wheel seems to be moving ok when I spin it. Thanks for the reply!
  3. With the bike up in stands, if I spin the front wheel, should there be any contact between the brake pads and the rotor? I hear a noise like there is contact on mine
  4. I'm good for about an hour on the stock seat before I get the sore ass and crushed nut syndrome. I think I'm going to look into a new seat.
  5. I just picked up this AGV Vulcan helmet in the blue version, from Jet.com. This helmet was a close out on Revzilla for $191 and I got it delivered free for $157. https://jet.com/product/AGV-K3-SV-Full-Face-Helmet-Vulcan-Blue-MDSM/28fa24a2c6524d4b80bf69447de40063 upload free
  6. blankcheese

    Welcome from Melbourne, FL

    So I ended up buying a '15 FZ07 in dark grey with blurple wheels. I'm changing out the tank panels to Matte Silver and the front fender stops to blurple. I forget the official paint name, so blurple is easier to remember. Here's what the bike looks like while I'm waiting for the panels to arrive. I used PartShark and they were the lowest prices I could find.
  7. I must have arrived, because the first "anything" I did to the bike was remove the seat. Went to put the screws back in, first time, stripped. I think it's a lousy design with that seat flap pushing you into a bad angle.
  8. 002380 from Florida! Added
  9. Can anyone tell me if the 2015 blurple wheel and frame is the same color on the 2016 Matte Silver? It looks more purple on the 2015 to me...
  10. blankcheese

    Hi from Austin!

    Love this bike! Does anyone know the paint code # for that blue paint?
  11. blankcheese

    New fz-07 owner in georgia

    Welcome! Just joined myself and I'm one weekend away from owning a 2016 in this same color with about 1300 miles on it. Would love to hear more about the muffler drilling, I'm going to search for it before I ask anyone for a link.
  12. Just joined the site and overwhelmed at all the great info. I'm looking to buy a used FZ-07 and I found a 2016 with about 1300 miles on it for $5900 which looks like the KBB retail price. Any guidance about that price? I'm looking forward to modding my bike and uploading pics of my progress. Any east coast Florida FZ owners in here? John

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