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  1. dasmuss

    Whatdya recon ?

    I got them off eBay, not super cheap ones, but not expensive either
  2. dasmuss

    Whatdya recon ?

    Thanks, it’s from ermax, I got all the body work from them, it came in the night fluo colours but I plasti dipped it black, there’s other pics I’ve put on here of how it looked previously
  3. dasmuss


    I have a bagster and absolutely love it, great service too, I definitely recommend, mine has gel inserts also, the only part I would like to be slightly better is the crease where the seat bends up to the tank, but I am very happy upload image high quality
  4. dasmuss

    She's hi-vis hahaha

    My pride and joy, Mods; tail tidy tst tail light front turn signals rad guard ermax body bits and pieces bagster seat ? Akro titanium shorty levers sliders givi screen pillion removal kit bar end mirrors im so happy with my bike, it's been fun to mod out too, good times
  5. Hi there, congrats on the new purchase, I've been thinking about getting black rims for my bike, did you get stock black rims or paint them, I go back and forth whether or not to change mine hahaha upload high quality photos
  6. dasmuss

    Old bloke here

    Great stuff ?, got any pics?
  7. I have night fluo rims, degreaser then quickly soap and thorough wash with water, no elbow grease needed and they come up spotless ?
  8. Hi guys, i removed and and drilled 4 holes in my baffle, as per a YouTube vid I saw, I'm so happy with this mod, the sound is pretty much right in the middle of baffle in vs baffle out, just an awesome growl, its bloody great hahaha, if anyone is keen but has dramas trying to get baffle out etc. I'd be happy to answer any questions
  9. This is a knife hahaha, regarding the radiator it's working fine, there's no way it will affect the airflow, no more than one guard anyway, I'm not worried in the slightest and I'm a stress head ??
  10. dasmuss

    New fz-07 owner in georgia

    Nice bike mate ?
  11. upload photos to paste code Can't bloody help myself haha, I recon I'll have the safest radiator around, 2 radiator guards, got a 'rad guard' radiator guard plus I just had to have the eBay one coz it says 'MT07' on it, no stones getting to my radiator hahaha
  12. its not actually a cover, you need to remove the pillion seat, just in case you didn't know, it replaces the seat ?

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