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  1. shrike1

    An honest fz07 Shrike bag mount review

    Hi, @BlueMule. Congrats on the new bike! Glad to hear you’ve joined the forum. FZ07.org has been great for us as a small business (gotta send major thanks to @Cruizin for the support all throughout!). Since our system is unique, most folks have some questions about it. The forum’s two-way dialog has allowed us to offer personal customer service in the sales process while also helping us learn more about rider needs. We look forward to hearing from you when you’re ready to add a Shrike Mounts luggage system to your new MT!
  2. shrike1

    An honest fz07 Shrike bag mount review

    Thanks, @Liquidmetal! We hope you'll get a lot of use out of your Shrike Mounts system!
  3. Hi @Skibum4106 - that's correct - when the system is installed it is using the clevis for the passenger pegs - so no room for the passenger's feet. We do include a hitch pin to replace the standard clevis pin with e-clip. This allows you to rapidly switch back and forth between the ShrikeMounts peg and the passenger peg, but as of now, we don't sell a system that allows both at the same time.
  4. Hi, @intensity_white Our standard saddlebags are 13.5" long x 6.5" wide x 7.5" high (34cm x 16.5cm x 19cm).
  5. Hi @intensity_white. You are correct. I would say the low mount is "more easily secured" since when you lock the bag, you also lock the bag/system to the bike. For the high mount, it takes two locks, one to lock the bag and one to lock the bag/system to the bike.
  6. @intensity_white - Absolutely! The low mount will work with the stock tail and will give you the most flexibility to make modifications down the road.
  7. @Liquidmetal happy they arrived early and installation was easy. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Please let us know if you need anything and happy riding! (BTW - love the battery drill rack in your garage .)
  8. Here's another quick video to show some uses beyond the standard bag. https://youtu.be/Kg3LcGGKTVY We're happy to sell additional receivers and plates so you can mount more than the standard bag to your bike.
  9. Hi everyone. Just responding to the question from @Skibum4106 : Yes, the system includes saddlebags. To give a little different view of the bags, here is a link to a video showing the locking mechanism of the low mount system. The bags would be the same for the high mount, but locking the bags to the bike is slightly different. https://youtu.be/8Rtq-WXzF5I
  10. Hi @topazsparrow. The bags get kind of addictive. I always carry extra earplugs, water, a rag to clean my visor, etc. I can get a surprising amount of groceries and stuff in the bags, and I also always carry a cinch type backpack in the bags, just in case I need a little extra space. I think the utility of them may depend what you use your bike for. I use my bike every day I can in the summer, so the extra space is nice to have for errands and for always having the little stuff that makes riding easier handy. Just my $0.02 - lots of ways to make riding work. Safe riding! James
  11. Hi @Randucci Here are some Shrike Mounts luggage system pics for the two FZ-07 configurations. The high mount is what is currently shown on our website www.ShrikeMounts.com. It's the original configuration for stock FZ-07's, and it should also work with most variations of fender eliminator with smaller turn signals. We think it's got a nice, clean look. This system is currently on sale, while supplies last. The low mount system moves the bags a little lower on the bike. This configuration was originally designed for bikes that have a fender eliminator and larger turn signals such as the OEM signals. (It's also suitable for all of other typical FZ-07 setups that we've seen.) The low mount’s advantage is that it has a cleaner mechanism for locking the system to the peg, and we anticipate moving exclusively to this configuration for all FZ-07's long-term. Any questions, feel free to contact us at ShrikeMounts@gmail.com. And free shipping applies for FZ07.org references, through July 27, 2018. Thanks! - Suzanne
  12. shrike1

    FZ-07 Shrike Bag Mount Pictures

    Hi @pattonme Our standard bags are semi-rigid and have a reinforced section where they mount to the plate. Most soft bags still have a bit of reinforcement where the straps attach to the bags. If someone wants to use their soft bag, we've historically just cut off the straps and mounted the bags to the plate through that reinforced area. The bag "hangs" from the plate the same way it would hang from the strap. If you had a set of bags you wanted to mount to our plates, we could talk you through it pretty easily. Thanks, James & Suzanne
  13. Looking for a luggage mounting solution for your FZ-07? The Shrike Mounts system meets the unique needs of sportbike riders. Easy to install with no visible mounting brackets. Doesn’t touch the bodywork of the bike, and practical enough for everyday use. NEW PROMOS FOR FZ07.ORG MEMBERS: CLOSEOUT - Shrike Mounts “high mount” configuration – $350 with free shipping. While supplies last; limited quantities available. Designed for bikes that have a stock tail, and bikes with a fender eliminator and smaller after-market turn signals. FREESHIP - Shrike Mounts “low mount“ configuration –$395 with free shipping through July 27, 2018. Designed for bikes with stock turn signals and a fender eliminator (or any other configuration, including the above). If system security is important to you, this configuration is easier to lock to the bike. Each set is a complete Shrike Mounts luggage system including our standard molded saddlebags. Free ground shipping to Continental U.S. only. See the forum threads for pics or contact the Shrike Mounts team directly. Click “Purchase” at www.ShrikeMounts.com to submit your info, or e-mail James & Suzanne at ShrikeMounts@gmail.com . Shrike Mounts is a trademark of Blackbird Dynamics, LLC.
  14. As we approach our 1 year anniversary on FZ07.org, we just wanted to thank everyone for their support and input during our launch of the Shrike Mounts luggage system. We also wanted to let everyone know our introductory offer of free shipping will continue for orders placed through April 5th. Beginning on April 6, 2018, we will offer FZ-07.org members a 25% discount on ground shipping to the Continental U.S. Thanks again for all your support! James & Suzanne www.ShrikeMounts.com Haul your gear without trashing your ride.
  15. shrike1

    FZ-07 Shrike Bag Mount Pictures

    Lots of choices out there and lots of reasons to choose one system over another. Our system is just an option that really tries to maximize ease of use and minimize the impact on aesthetics. We did have a Ninja 650 customer tell us they had a parking lot fall and the system protected the plastics from damage. He just popped the dents out of the bag and said you couldn't even tell it had been in a fall. We've had a couple of other "crash tests" and other than some road rash the bags and mounting system held up fine. I wouldn't claim they prevent crash damage, but they do hold up pretty well.

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