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  1. ralph

    Blown signal relay??

    The signal fuse is 10 amp so you may be looking at the wrong fuse.
  2. I have the SW one and that works no problem this one looks very similar but without seeing it in the flesh who knows.
  3. Just out of curiosity, do you know what your average fuel consumption was according to the bike? Or is yours one of the accurate ones? The mpg display on the bike is usually 4/6 mph low though on two occasions it as been dead on not a clue why. On My UK bike you can change the read out from MPG to 2 other settings wounder if it is more accurate on another setting my last bike a Burgman was near dead on.
  4. ralph

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    If you run Chrome this will work round many of the missing images but only if they are still on Photobucket if they have been removed then it wont work, but it does recover many of them. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-embed-fix/naolkcpnnlofnnghnmfegnfnflicjjgj
  5. ralph

    Motorcycle maintenance

    Much of the stuff you tend to check automatically on every ride once you get used to it, the bike as windows for checking water oil and brake fluid that can be checked at a glance when getting off the bike, you should always keep a eye on the tyres brakes and chain. A quick look round after a ride, a bit of oil on anything that looks a bit dry, running maintainance, it only takes minutes at most then at 6000 all you really have to do is the oil n filter if it's due only the plugs and valves are a bit more involved. It's the way I always run my bikes and have never had a problem, bikes do tend to be more maintenance heavy than cars, my car calls for a engine oil change every 17,000 miles and a cam belt every 72.000 not much else time bikes caught up.
  6. ralph

    First start used engine swap

    Has above if you're really keen turn it on the starter with the plugs out get the oil round but to be honest I would just start it keep the revs down and monitor the oil light and engine temp, run for a few min then shut it down and check round for leaks.
  7. ralph

    engine temp

    Many gauges wont even move enough for you to notice such a small difference in reading you only notice due to it being digital.
  8. ralph

    Rear wheel howl

    Just listened to the last clip, could one of the bearings cage have broken?
  9. ralph

    Rear wheel howl

    Havent read all the thread so it may have been asked but have you tried spinning the wheel without the chain on the sprocket.
  10. ralph

    Rear wheel howl

    I once had a buzzing noise but not has loud as you describe and it turned out to be two solid steel bars inserted in the handlebars to damp vibration, no moving parts as such and they were quite a tight fit needing some force to remove but it was definitely them.
  11. ralph

    engine temp

    Temp rises till thermostat opens this allows a glop of cool water from radiator in cools stat stat close but not befor engine temp drops a bit, this goes on but as the water in the radiator gets hotter the effect is less noticeable,
  12. Yep eat less pies get healthy save money, better power the weight ration think how expensive it would be replacing enough of the bike with carbon fiber or titanium even unobtainium win win and save money to.
  13. The system is pressurised don't know how high but for roughly every 1lb of pressure the boiling point of the coolant goes up by 1deg your bike sounds normal to me only time I ever actually had the fan come on was on the ride home from the dealer when new, it is also normal for the engine to shut down after 20 min idling no matter what the temp is.
  14. ralph

    2k Miles later, what the FZ07 is not

    Over here it's the MT-07 Master of Torque.
  15. They may be in line but not on the same axis.

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