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  1. firstyammerha

    Shock spring too soft, ideas?

    could the gas pressure be lowered to alter the ride versus swapping springs? I'm not aware of a minimum gas pressure value so maybe someone can provide that. It seems like 160 psi is a common static pressure for oem Japanese shocks from what I've seen.
  2. firstyammerha

    Shock spring too soft, ideas?

    can you change oil through that valve as posted earlier? I've not seen a picture of the internal set up so just curious.
  3. firstyammerha

    A Trackday Hero Runs Out of Talent....

    did you move over? maybe he wanted by you. what happened after the rub? did he fall behind you? more details please.
  4. firstyammerha

    Red Bull hare scramble in Austria

    It was Erzberg and it was totally awesome. Googled this series and there aren't any more scheduled for viewing on the telly in the near future so guess I'll have to look for a video to buy online. The Romanian event maybe interesting. I did see where there was an event in Tennessee but I'm not wild about driving a couple hundred miles to see it next year.
  5. I caught this the other day on one of the sports channels and I can say that that course was nothing like I used to race on. In Georgia, the courses were pretty flat with maybe a small hill or two and a swampy section to run through. My races were about 5 or 6 miles to the lap and the race had 5 or six laps to it. This Austrian course had a killer long near vertical hillclimb practically right off the start. That hill was so tough that half the intermediate class riders and none of the amateurs managed to top it. Those that topped the hill then rode a mile or so down dirt roads until the contestants were funneled into a forested wet narrow goat trail climb up another monster hill. This section was so devoid of traction that riders were abandoning their bikes so they could help a competitor get his bike up the hill and not create a logjam on the trail. And then there was the boulder field! a hundred yards or more of huge rocks which made the riders do the trials rider thing.I believe there was just one lap and a 43 year old Brit won it overall. Blew my mind. Gotta catch another episode.
  6. firstyammerha

    reserve range

    my bikes almost two years old and ECCO is permanently displayed on my dash but I still can't trust this fuel gauge. I ride into the low fuel light for about thirty miles but that's as far as I'll go. It irritates me to then fill the tank and realize that you're nowhere near empty.That is, if you believe the owners manual fuel tank volume.
  7. firstyammerha

    Mt. Lemmon

    The wife and I took a trip to Albuquerque by way of Phoenix one week a few years ago and we used a different route back than we used going up. I don't remember the highway number or name but there was one section-sure it was in New Mexico- which snaked down one side of a deep canyon and snaked back up the canyon on the opposite side. We were in a rental Chevy Malibu and that road really had me wishing for a vette or the like. Beautiful scenery in both directions but the ride back is something branded in my memory.
  8. firstyammerha

    Passenger Pegs Question

    3D print something maybe. I see some libraries in my area offer this service where you pay only for the material used in producing the part. You'd just have to have the skill to create the program to make the part. Windows 10 has this program in the menu but this kind of thing is way over my head.
  9. firstyammerha

    FZ07 error code reader OBD2 kit?

    I guess there's no jumping pins with a paper clip on this bike?
  10. firstyammerha

    Need to vent... Bike stolen...

    IMO, law enforcement today is pretty sad. Watching todays cops shooting people in the back while they're fleeing says it all to me. Personally my experience in recent years has been that if blood isn't drawn or major damage to property hasn't occurred, it's go away don't bother me. Hate to say it but you'll never see that bike again.
  11. firstyammerha

    Riding gear, jacket, helmet, vests

    I'm in the market for new boots. Alpinestars seems to have a good selection. Preferring half boot with zippers right now. The best for walking around off the bike comfortably is another criteria.
  12. my 2016 has a shock debris deflector with a couple of the plastic pins with centers that need to be depressed to release the shocks debris deflector section of the chain guard from the swingarm. The chain guard and debris deflector are one piece.The 2018 chain guard must not have this debris deflector section or it's a separate piece from the chain guard. I'd prefer a simple chain guard without any debris deflector. One less piece to remove when swapping shocks.
  13. that's some neat work-maybe you could connect the holes on the oem guard to read FZ07.JK. I'd personally like to replace that passenger foot rest with a hand hold type piece so I could heave that monster up on its center stand more easily. A tubular folding hand grip might do the job, screwed into one of the passenger peg bracket holes.
  14. Actually did this GSXR1000 spring swap onto the stock shock a week or so ago. Easy swap and improved the around town ride greatly.
  15. firstyammerha

    Twin Cup at Sonoma

    I was surprised to see a number of old SV650's running wild at a twins cup race that I managed to catch a couple of weeks ago. It might have been Road America and these were 2005-2006 models if I remember correctly.

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