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  1. Thanks, I'm refering to where did you get an alternate meter that are compatible with the stock connector.
  2. I did the cluster relocation for free. This is a complete explanation of the process: https://www.motorcycle-talk.net/forum/mt-07-fz-07-modifications/1507-moving-instruments-forward-maintaining-windscreen.html
  3. Thanks a lot, Sten74 I was thinking on doing the same and your video very helpful. I still have some questions: Do the cables from the test points to the connector already exist or have you soldered them on two unused connector pins? I can't see the reason for the diodes. You are installing two switches in parallel to the meters ones. In the worst case both switches will be pressed at the same time connecting the same point to the same earth. Am I wrong? Finally and not related. You told me that your alternate meters had the same connectors. Where did you get them? Thanks a lot for your job.
  4. Great work. You should add a new horn switch on it How do you plan to connect the new meter to the bike?
  5. That part of the exaust is only decorative. In fact you can touch it after a ride without hurting yourseld. 3M carbon vinil is garanteed until 100ÂșC, so there should be no problems. I tried with a small piece of vinil during an hot august 1.00Km trip and it remained there. So, I'm pretty sure it will work.
  6. I did taking advantage of the Puig windscreen. Here is the easy process: https://www.motorcycle-talk.net/forum/mt-07-fz-07-modifications/1507-moving-instruments-forward-maintaining-windscreen.html
  7. Cover the original exhaust exit with carbon vinil. I'm working on a English post about it but in the meantime this is a Spannish one: http://yamahamt.foroactivo.com/t523-brico-escape-de-carbono-por-unos-pocos-eur
  8. I'm from a metric country Filling slowly to get the most of the tank, I consistenly get 275-285Km until "f" starts, and I've done 40km in "f". Probably I could do even 60km.
  9. Rear Ohllins. It have fully changed the bike.
  10. The fuel sender is in the same ass'y than the pump:
  11. Facer tank is bigger. I think it must be easy to adapt, but platics won't fit... Anothe rsolution is cutting the filling tube to allow one liter or so more

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