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  1. Just Incase anyone is interested I was experimenting with intake options that fit with the cbr600 shock and came up with this: its two #1 intake runners out of the stock airbox. The #1 cylinder turns just enough to clear the res. of the shock. I bought a wrecked bike airbox + my exsisting airbox. and took it out and mounted the uni filters to them. Runs absolutely fantastic I have never felt it pull so well before combined with my two bros full exhaust and pcv + auto tune.
  2. derekfz

    Dna airfilter

    hey. yes this is still for sale
  3. I had to cut the original connector off and crimp two female spade
  4. Yes airbox was removed because of the reservoir and they were just flat washers. I don’t remember the exact size anymore. But the rear bolt needs to be slightly longer too so if I remember right is was a m8 by 1.5 pitch bolt. I took the bolt and the washers with me and just matched them up at tractor supply. I put three on either side of the shock in the front I I think I put three in the rear. The ends are skinner then the shock strut so it just needs to be shimmed to fill the gap. didn’t try without a tune because I knew it would effect it so much. The filter I bought is an uni two stage uni 4182-sa the Angeled version. the red part is like a secondary cover the main filter is black. Riding in the rain is not an issue. Just cover them when washing the bike.
  5. So I’m finally finished with my bike and riding again! After a few rides I think it’s time to review some of the parts I have installed. First up: hydraulic clutch the clutch works flawlessly and the pull of the lever is about the same but it has a better feel over the cable I think. Second up: two brothers exhaust oh man. This exhaust is a beast. It sounds so good and deeper & I already had an m4 slipon. I also got some significant power gains with my filters & autotune setup (had the m18 bung already on) The aluminum finish was only 550 with tax on amazon and shipped in two days. Totally worth it. Third up: 2005 CBR600RR rear shock with pod filters (required) the rear shock was probably the best upgrade of all. I bought it on eBay for only twenty dollars! Install was fairly easy with shims. Plus the dual uni filters were 30 total. So 50 bucks this bike handles like a totally different bike. Way more confident feel going into corners and bumps mid corners no long feels like a bucking bronco! Fourth: power commander & autotune i know a lot of people on this forum are into ecu flashes but with this combination it’s like a different bike. I set my afr at 13.2 and 13 WOT. And this bike is so smooth and powerful now. And my fuel economy actually went up! About 165 miles to a tank now! Up about 15 miles from before. Plus the install was fairly easy and there isn’t a lot of wires everywhere like most people are afraid of. Lastly: all the 2018 parts totaled around 500 dollars and I think improved the look dramatically. (Now I need a windshield )the best part is I’m just happy to back riding again. Ironically my first ride there was two deer standing across my street when I got back.
  6. derekfz

    M4 and Power Commander FC?

    I used dna + m4 Slip-On and I found the yoshimura map with no snorkel works the best.
  7. derekfz

    2018 MT07 Headlight Conversion

    I did mine today! I like the look without the beard looking trim piece on the bottom lol. I shouldn’t have ordered it. (I’m still waiting for the fender.) I also have a 2018 radiator.
  8. derekfz

    New m4 full system

    I found this new full system looks pretty cool. https://m4exhaust.com/yamaha/yamaha-fz-07-mt-07/yamaha-fz-07-2015-17/2015-18-yamaha-fz-07-mt-07-full-system/
  9. derekfz

    mivv exhaust

    Wow now you have me very interested. That looks really impressive. I was going to get the gp steel because it’s only 379 with free shipping on a website I found
  10. derekfz

    mivv exhaust

    does anyone know if mivv gp exhausts come with a 18mm bung for running auto tune?
  11. Not that I know of. Ill post an update once I can ride more.
  12. there isn't much of advantage maybe just less lubing and cable breaking over time. maybe more reliable? I haven't had it on there long enough to see how itll hold up yet. but I just think it looks cooler and is smoother too.
  13. Ok so how I did it. I ordered levers such as these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-7-8-22mm-Motorcycle-Hydraulic-Handlebar-Brake-Cylinder-Master-Clutch-Lever/183181389246?hash=item2aa6762dbe%3Ag%3A9iwAAOSwbF1aMyuc&_sacat=0&_nkw=motorcycle+hydraulic+clutch+&_from=R40&rt=nc&LH_TitleDesc=0|0 Then I just measured the clutch cable length from end to end, which was about 80-90 cm 33ish inches or so, and looking up hydraulic brake lines: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-39-200cm-Motorcycle-Brake-Hose-Oil-Pipe-Line-Braided-Fitting-Ends-US/302742352667?hash=item467cd9b31b%3Am%3AmOcmqleouGUoxLc7pue91wQ&var=601612091296&_sacat=0&_nkw=motorcycle+brake+line&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR11.TRC1.A0.H0.Xmotorcycle+brake+line.TRS0 I ordered a 90cm line which fit perfectly following the routing of the original clutch cable. So then I ordered a slave cylinder. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-modified-hydraulic-clutch-pull-clutch-slave-cylinder-Efficient-pump/173410241758?hash=item28600e4cde%3Ag%3ARH0AAOSwA-1a9B51&_nkw=motorcycle+hydraulic+clutch+slave+cylinder&rt=nc I went with fairly cheap parts but quality parts can be bought if wanted. works fine now filled with dot 4 fluid and may need to modify the wiring for the clutch safety switch on the lever depending on what levers you buy. I had to change mine. brake side plugs right in. *another thing to mention is the slave cylinder doesn't need bleeding/have a bleed port on it. just fill with fluid and keep pumping and the air will workout itself*
  14. Hello I just wanted to share my successful attempt to install a hydraulic clutch in my bike! Here’s pictures. I still have a giant box of new parts to get my bike back together. But if all goes well next week the only thing that will even have a scratch on it from my crash will be my exhaust (which I am replacing too!)
  15. I am in the process of repairing my bike from my deer accident and my forks tweaked from the wreck. So I loosened the pinch bolts and pushed the forks down forcefully like on a YouTube video I watched and now everything seems straight? So my question is how do bike shops or professionals usually check the alignment of the front/rear?

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