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    Bell qualifier

    Is the bell qualifier a safe helmet being only DOT certified? Also looking at the AGV K3
  2. satinblkesp


    I will throw a curveball, MV Agusta Brutale 800 the sexiest naked bike and the 3/4 tuck would seem to be the best of both worlds. Expensive and inconvenient for maintenance probably but every bike has its pros and cons.
  3. satinblkesp


    Alright. In that case, the world is your oyster then. If you are going FZ09, go for the 2017. If you prefer retro design, go for XSR900. If you know you'll be hitting the tracks a lot, go R6. You come from a dirtbike background, and most dirtbikes (that I've ridden) have twitchy throttles. So you should be fine on the 9s (xsr900/fz09). Start out in B mode for a bit. But don't get me wrong, it will still be a mind-blowing sensation when you experience it- it is very dangerous and the R6 will be "safer" for you since the low end power is kind of crappy, so in the low revs the R6 will be more docile. The R6 becomes dangerous at higher revs. The 9s are dangerous from anything faster than stop- but then if you are able to come to terms with it (like I said you may already be used to twitchy throttles, so as long as you have that smooth right hand, you'll theoretically be ok), then congrats the bike won't get any more dangerous. Commuting wise, generally I'd recommend naked over supersport EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Either of the 9s will have better low speed handling for stop and go and its a huge difference. Back in the day every one just rode supersports because that's all they made, but with the abundance of naked bikes being made in this age (new riders are definitely spoiled with some great options), the naked bike just does city riding so much better. But the backroad city commuting with little to no traffic stops in your case, the R6 might be more fun. How's your back? Do you have any lower back problems? If you do, stay far away from the R6. You don't readily feel it, but 15+ minutes and the r6 will be the worst decision you'll ever make if you have back problems. Anyway, those are my thoughts on it. Regardless, proceed with caution. Thank you for your time Sir much appreciated. I will let you guys know what I decide on!
  4. satinblkesp


    Lots of traffic lights and stop and go turns? Not many traffic lights at all and not many turns. Pretty much a straight shot.
  5. satinblkesp


    Backroad city
  6. satinblkesp


    Awhile back I sat on an R6 and I remember feeling like it fit me well being that the seat was over 33". This really would be a bike to just commute to work (30 minutes) or track. I'm not really wanting to go farther than that. Do you guys see any issue over getting an R6 for those reasons? Right now I feel like the two bikes I want to sit on is the R6 again and try out the XSR900. I really dig the looks of both I guess it will depend on the test rides which I choose. Thx
  7. satinblkesp


    Well I'm a dirt bike rider coming from 450s I've been riding all my life. What I'm worried about the most is size being uncomfortable at my height and looking weird. I'm really not wanting to change the seat out or rear sets.
  8. satinblkesp


    6ft 2 200lbs which bike is going to fit me best as far as looks? Our Yamaha dealership just got its license revoked so I can't go sit on any.
  9. satinblkesp

    Hello, From Oklahoma

    Hello, in the market for a blackout Fz07.

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