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  1. liv2ride

    (Sports) Tourers

    I didn't see any reference to price point and interest/ability to perform required maintenance on your bike. These two pieces of info will help us better provide recommendations.
  2. liv2ride

    USB connection

    That is how I have my USB port connected, direct to the battery. I wanted to use the switched aux connection but I could not find the connectors to do that the way I wanted and I didn't want to make the connector. I have had this setup for about six months with no issues and knowing what I know I would certainly recommend it. Love the convenience of having it direct to the battery.
  3. Yes, I went with white for front and rear. Here is what I got: Alla Lighting 39-SMD 7443 7440 T20 High Power 2835 Chipsets Xtremely Super Bright 6000K Xenon White LED Bulbs for Turn Signal Light - I used these for front 2PCS Aaron 6000K White 60W 7443 7440 T20 XB-D CREE LED Bulbs Super Bright for Brake Tail Backup Reverse Lights - I used these for rear I am very pleased with the results, far brighter than stock and will catch attention of any motorist that is looking in the direction of the bike. I find the rear is most noticeable primarily since the lights are off until signals are used...more contrast. Unfortunately, I did not get good pics of the comparison between these and the stock bulbs.
  4. Fwiw, I have the same wheels and was also using WD-40 to clean the them; however, I was always a little uneasy with that. One day I decided to see if Honda spray cleaner would work and to my surprise, it did. I now use only that to clean the wheels and they do get cleaner more easily. The product is not actually called Honda spray cleaner these days. It is my understanding that it is the same product and should be available at your local Honda bike shop.
  5. liv2ride

    Humid Summer Gear

    Fwiw, I also live in Hawaii and humidity can get a bit uncomfortable here as well. I use the following with good results: Held Rodney gloves - they even have a perforated palm and air flow is really good for a leather glove. Klim Induction jacket - the D30 armor is actually vented also and air flow is the best I have experienced with any riding jacket. When I first wore the jacket I was sitting in traffic and noticed air flowing around my shoulder, never experienced that before. Olympia Airglide 4 pants - these are mesh overpants and I couldn't be happier with them. I am convinced that riding with these pants during the day is actually cooler than riding without them. My theory is that they prevent the sun from hitting your pants directly and that reduces the temp. As with the jacket, with my work pants (dress pants), I can feel the airflow even at a stop if there is a breeze.
  6. All good points, I will add: - Riding off-road teaches you to be more comfortable with the bike moving around beneath you and over time becoming less tense, more relaxed. - Riding over varied terrain will also help you learn how to anticipate how the bike may respond to various conditions/obstacles. - Helps to teach you the limits of tire traction. - Definitely will help you become more comfortable with the idea of how more gas vs. brake can help you out of a dicey situation.
  7. liv2ride

    Adventure Helmets

    Don't forget to look at the Scorpion EXO AT-950! I bought one as the replacement to my 5 y/o Shoei Neotec and have no regrets. It's a great helmet, easily removable peak with drop down sun visor!
  8. liv2ride

    Picked this up yesterday

    The KDX is the mountain goat of "trail" bikes. I had a 2002 220, was a torque monster, not meant to rev though...quickly runs out of steam if you try to race it. I miss the days of two strokes zipping all over the place ;-)
  9. I have owned quite a few bikes and agree the placement of the horn button on this bike is the worst I have seen. I have only had the bike for six months and I am still training myself to locate it when things get dicey. I find it easier to cover the button at all time e.g. resting my thumb on it for when it is needed and that seems to work okay. I prefer the button be located in a more natural location.
  10. liv2ride

    Picked this up yesterday

    Yup, it's a KDX for sure. My bet a 200.
  11. liv2ride

    Question about start up

    I also only use the switch to start...key to shut it down. Have to turn the key off anyway, may as well save a step. ;-) Actually started doing this with my former bike, there was a theory that excessive switch action was leading to their untimely failure.
  12. liv2ride

    Alone in Southern Utah

    Actually heading up that way early next month. Will be renting a bike in Las Vegas, riding to Zion and staying the night before heading back around the Grand Canyon the next day. We plan to make the most of our time at the park, anticipate late morning arrival. Looking to do a few hikes and grab a good meal, possibly at the Spotted Dog Cafe.
  13. I haven't used the beads but I am a believer in Ride-on, http://www.ride-on.com/motorcycle-formula-mot.html . This product is not only a dynamic balancer but it is also supposed to help with punctures near the center of the tread. During the 5 years ~31k miles using this product I must have been blessed, I didn't encounter a situation where I needed to test the puncture protection. ;-) Being pleased with this product I will not use weights on my bike wheels again, as long as this product is available.
  14. Removed the tank decals from my armor gray tank, cleaned/lubed chain and cleaned bike.
  15. Anyone take off the tank decals? I am thinking about it but would like to see what it looks like before I do it.

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