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  1. Hey guys, Anyone know the part number or where I can get the cable that goes under the rear seat that locks your helmet? I can't seem to find it anywhere and my bike didn't come with one. thanks in advance
  2. jkzak

    Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay

    Time is not an issue for me. Luckily with my Job I have 8 weeks off at a time. I will definitely be looking for a warmer jacket with removable layers and some saddle bags
  3. Hey guys, Trying to plan a summer trip and I hear the drive between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay is awesome in the spring. Just wondering if anyone has done it and has any advice of places to stay/ things to see.
  4. jkzak

    Give away!

    I'd love some Brake lines!!!!
  5. jkzak

    engine temp

    mine seems happy at 81. sitting in traffic I've seen in top to 94. so bike likes to be moving haha
  6. hey fellow Canadians. I'm planning on being in Ottawa this weekend (26-27) and was hoping to meet up with a few of you and show me some fun roads. Whos up there?
  7. jkzak

    Throttle Tube

    Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply guys. Got it loose
  8. jkzak

    Throttle Tube

    Problem I'm having right now is that the throttle is sticking
  9. jkzak

    Throttle Tube

    I tried. It doesn't. Unless I'm doing something wrong
  10. Ordered a throttle tube P/N; 2C0262400000. Stock is on the left and as you can see the outside diameter is bigger on the new tube. Did I order wrong? It won't fit in the stock housing.
  11. jkzak

    Drilled Akra Ti baffle, awesome

    I got mine out with a spot weld. Just have to drill it and be patient pulling it out. i drilled a few more holes than this but I started there. You find where you like it then stop drilling holes haha
  12. Wow this was an old thread haha. Anyways the answer is there
  13. OEM Cycle with P/N; [HASH]V-TUV149 upload photo to internet

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