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  1. Sorry for the delay in the answer. I have been pretty occupied! With the replacement driver everything worked out perfectly, so being curious nature, I unboxed the old one to find out that two wires had unwelded themselves from the PCB. I've put the new driver with less of a stress on the wires.
  2. I have to second this! Had an issue with my driver, was solved extremely fast and without a hassle
  3. I talked with them today, excellent customer service indeed! They are sending out a driver under warranty so I can test out if it is indeed that the issue!
  4. I was too curious so I opened it up, and I have power at my regular socket but going into the small circuit there is no output. The wires seem "loose" in there, so I'll try calling cyclops tomorrow if I can get only that little circuit and wire
  5. Hey guys, In June I swapped my headlight to a Cyclops 7000 model. And tonight while riding back home I noticed that it didn't light up anymore. I checked real quick and all the wires seem okay, I will have to do some more looking into it around the weekend, but has this happened to anyone here and if so what could be the cause of this? The high and low beams both do not work
  6. I just ordered these and the service was amazing! I asked in the notes if I could have the adapters for Yamaha blinkers, I am not sure if they came with it. From what I have seen in videos about people putting them on FZ-07, it didn't come with it. And it also came preinstalled on it. And the build quality is amazing.
  7. zadori

    Akrapovic Titanium-Carbon

    Referring to this newer model with the carbon fiber cap. You remove the carbon fiber cap then there will be a small marking where u drill to break the weld. Checkout these vids below. The original titanium model is a pain too but no drilling required. Most people get that out by using a dowel and a rubber mallet. Thanks for the info! But here in Quebec the laws for exhaust are pretty strict. So I don't think I will remove the baffle, or I might do like the guy in the video, with the bolt so he can put it back on anytime.
  8. zadori

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    Perfect, thanks! And by the way, do you have a map for this exhaust? It's the newer Akrapovic exhaust that I am thinking of buying
  9. zadori

    Akrapovic Titanium-Carbon

    From the Akrapovic website, there are a few upgrades to this model. And @Kriptikracing are you referring to the original Titanium one or this newer model? Because I heard that on the original Titanium it was something you had to "break" the baffle.
  10. Hey guys, I am currently shopping the Akrapovic exhausts. And I found one that I have not seen on any videos or forums. It's this one Is it a new model or something?
  11. zadori

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    Just a heads up, that most of the Dyno images were lost in the Picture Host change. It would be helpful to have them back!
  12. Earlier this year, I bought a 2015 FZ-07 with 4000km for 5700$ CAD (In Montreal, Quebec) So that deal is pretty good if the bike is in top shape!
  13. I had this problem when I first got my bike. I had not installed the seat into the tab over the battery. Other than that there is still a little tank squeak but pretty sure that's normal.
  14. zadori

    Ruroc Atlas

    Hey, guys, I've been a fan of Ruroc for a while now. Have been using their ski helmet for quite a while now. They just announced the Atlas a Motorcycle helmet, I can't wait to get more info on it! For now, we pretty much know there are 2 models: Sport (SNELL, ECE 22.05, DOT) and Origin (ECE 22.05 & DOT), the Origin one has a removable mask which is why it doesn't have the SNELL. Here are the links to both models Origin: https://www.ruroc.com/atlasrange/239-origin-trail.html Sport: https://www.ruroc.com/atlasrange/237-sport-road.html Another thing that seems nice, is that it will be convertible from street to off-road pretty easily.
  15. I'm currently looking into this. And not sure if I should get the 3800 or 7000 version, I don't want to have the feeling of running on High's all the time

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