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  1. garbodp

    R6 Front end Conversion Parts in LA, CA.

    650 obo make me an offer ... want to clear out the garage
  2. garbodp

    R6 Front end Conversion Parts in LA, CA.

    OBO... great brake upgrade as well
  3. Hello all, I have a variety of 08+ Yamaha R6r front end parts and conversion Bearings ( AP Moto) for you to put R6 forks on your FZ-07. I have extra parts, as I converted mine with a different AP Moto system. There are 2 ways to convert: 1- Complete R6 triples with custom bearing ( for sale in this post) 2- Custom Triples ( AP Moto) with R6 tubes ( version I ended up with). **** Bike handles much better. No more "oversteer" because of additional Trail from R6 triples (32mm). Now have better selection of springs, and compression and rebound dampening.**** For sale: 1- Custom Tapered top R6 bearing and race for FZ07 ( All Balls Brand) $50 2- 2013 Upper & lower R6 Triple clamp $200 3- Risers for handlebars I am using on my bike at the moment, but have new ones on order from a diff company. (Clip-ons will not work as they hit the air scoops) $50 4- Rizoma "Fat Bar" handlebars.$100(does not include R6 controls as pictured… they were sold. 5- 2010 R6r Black fork tubes… scratches pictured for reference $350 Complete package will be $750 obo + Shipping ***** Don't want to split up as its a complete set***** What else you will need…. -Figure out a bracket for guages and headlight. - front calipers ( I may have some - have to look in shed) -front wheel
  4. Anyone come across Steele braided brake lines that match the Blurple? What brand? whats their color name?
  5. garbodp

    Headlight stopped working

    Ok Guys, Im an IDIOT! So lets respond to the different ideas you collectively brought up. First off it all works now, and I hope If i post this, others won't be soooo stupid. 1- The "running light" I was referring to, is the single 12w5v bulb in the bottom center of the headlight housing. IT WAS Burnt out. I replaced it with an LED version and it works fine. 2- The Main Headlight bulb was in tact ( no burnt or broken Filament). 3- The #3 Fuse ( designated for the headlight) was intact as well, not broken or burnt. As "Beemer" suggested, I too looked at all the fuses and they were good. Solution: Rick is the winner!!! I didn't realize that the Headlight does not come on until the engine is running. I called a another friend of mine with an FZ07 and he never even noticed. He turned the ignition to on and only the running light came on. It wasn't until the engine fired did the main Headlight turn on. Here Is Luis' bike with the ignition to on, but motor not running….. *******THANKS GUYS, IWAS GOING CRAZY TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!!!*************
  6. Hello all, I recently took off my whole headlight to re tap the side allen mount ( prev owner cross threaded it). I unplugged my headlight and took it off completely to get better access. The bike was not on, but the battery was all connected. Finished and saved the thread, but when I plugged the headlight/signals/running light back in, it stopped working. The Fuse is Ok, all the connections are solid. The bulb filament looks good.The signals work, but not the head light or running light. I'm totally at a loss. Any suggestions? Its all stock except rear LED Signals, but as I said signal flashers work fine ( frt & back).
  7. Hey Miah, [span] Where are you located? I tried to PM you, but i got an error message that said I can't pm anyone but staff members. I'm guessing its because I am new to this forum. I was just at Andy's today (AP Moto), discussing a similar idea. Love to trade thoughts if your up for that. I'm interested in a different light system that I think will fit, but would like to see your thoughts on the R1M lights... [/span]-Brian (Garbodp)
  8. garbodp

    New FZ owner in Cali

    Los Angeles... Eagle Rock /Highland Park area... For those unfamiliar, it's northeast of DownTown, in between Pasadena and Glendale Ca.
  9. Hello all, My name is Brian and my screen name is Pronounced Garbo-DP. I own a Hawk Gt and have had a great time with that forum, but am a Yamaha Man at heart. Raced an FZR 400, than West Coast Nationals on a Yam TZ250. Got a 2016 FZ and look forward to lots of fun. Already converted 2 of my friends from the hawk forum. Went with my buddy to buy a liquid graphite '15 yesterday. With any luck I'll have a half dozen new FZ converts soon. All I do is let them ride mine, hahaha

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