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  1. I am happy with my EJK (and akra Ti) and it was cheaper than a PCV. I will say 1) I have never ridden a bike with the PCV so I can't really compare, and 2) there aren't a ton of recommended settings for the EJK unlike the various maps for different mods you can get with the PCV. That being said I regret nothing. The bike pulls hard, smooth and strong. Noticeably better than stock. Install is easy enough, but its a royal pain getting the injectors unplugged. if you look closely you'll see my Dobeck Performance sticker on the swingarm
  2. Congrats, love that color scheme. Very reminiscent of my first bike, a Honda CB500F
  3. I'm very excited my Nexx Dual hi-viz helmet gets here tomorrow from Revzilla. I was gonna go with the Arai XD4 after trying it on at Cycle Gear, but the Nexx was $200 less (on sale), lighter, AND has a dropdown sun visor. After two years with my Icon Primary I have realized its the wrong shape for me and a helmet can be so much more comfortable.
  4. fuzzmedic

    My '16 FZ 07 with mods

    Thanks for the kind words! Its funny, the turn signals never bothered me but they're certainly a point of contention around here. If I found suitable LED replacements (not flush mounts) I'd consider it, but my money was best spent elsewhere. I'm also happy with the all black look, when I bought the bike they had mine and one in grey with hi viz which wasn't my thing. I've toyed with getting red plastics as its my favorite color, but the black is classy if you ask me. As far as mirrors, I plan on replacing them with bar ends at some point this summer, I just had to prioritize all the additions I made during the off season. And I love the cowl, I just can't jive with any of the windscreens that actually provide protection. If I plan a long road trip I'll likely grab one just for the trip though.
  5. fuzzmedic

    My '16 FZ 07 with mods

    - I can't recommend the grips enough, they are fantastic. I also managed to snag a heated vest for $80 and between those two items I stay nice and toasty. - I removed the whole cover/ snorkel, that's what Dobeck recommends. The filter is held in place with a nut so it's not going anywhere.
  6. fuzzmedic

    My '16 FZ 07 with mods

    I ended up getting OEM black heel guards and side covers, customTAYLOR33 rim tape, TechSpec tank pads, and a cheap ebay radiator guard
  7. Today I installed OEM black side covers/ heel guards, a cheap chinese radiator guard, and customtaylor33 rim tape
  8. Technically this was my weekend project, but I got a few mods done and had a chance to grab pictures today. First off were the Powermadd Star hand guards. We had a random warm day a few weeks ago but I got caught out late after the temp fell drastically and froze my fingers off. After a bit of research I decided on the Powermadd Stars with the motorcycle mounting kit. Seemed to be the most affordable option that still met my needs and style preference. Installation was a breeze but did require moving my clutch and brake levers in ever so slightly. I quickly adjusted and don't even notice the placement difference, but the wind deflection is fantastic and a welcome improvement. In addition I decided I needed heated grips, and the Oxford Heaterz Sports seemed to fit the bill. Install was again very simple, and there are a few youtube videos that detail it if you need guidance. I highly recommend the combination of heated grips and hand guards. Coupled with my Alpine Star Apex Drystar gloves I've ridden 45+ minutes at highway speed in the low 40s to upper 30s and my hands have stayed quite cozy. While I was at it I installed an R6 throttle tube. My two bits of advice would be 1) rough up the tube with some coarse sandpaper to help the glue secure the grip, and 2) actually wait the recommended 24 hours for the glue to set. I waited a whopping 45 minutes and it quickly came lose and was less than ideal. Probably the most exciting mod was the addition of my Akrapovic Titanium exhaust and Dobeck EJK. I had previously cheeped out and installed an M4 slip on, but I botched the install a bit and never got it quite right. I also noticed a dip in performance so I was going to need fuel management at some point anyways. After much research I landed on the Dobeck stage 1 kit. Install of the exhaust was very straight forward, but I had some experience removing the stock exhaust already which definitely helped speed the process along. Two tips I'd suggest would be 1) if you're gonna use the O2 sensor (mine is currently unplugged) thread it on the pipe before you install it instead of twisting the cable a million times, and 2) Spray some WD40 on the pipe before you try to slide the muffler on as the tolerance is tight and can be a bear without some lubricant. Also make sure you wipe the whole system down before you start it to avoid discolorations from impurities. The EJK arrived a few days later, and came preloaded with the settings for my setup so it was quite literally plug and play. I ran into two problems, neither of which have anything to do with Dobeck. First issue was whoever assembled my bike over-torqued one of the bolts that secure the tank faring, and I stripped the head almost immediately trying to remove it. After trying several failed methods to extract it I ended up having to drill it out. That one bolt added a solid hour to the entire process. For anyone who plans on removing the farings once again there are a multitude of helpful youtube videos out there. Anyways, once the bike was disassembled the only struggle I had was unplugging the injectors, but with some patience and a long thin screwdriver I was able to get them unplugged and easily installed the EJK, routed the wiring, removed the airbox snorkel as recommended, and reassembled the bike. All from the comfort and warmth of my kitchen... Between the throttle tube, tuner, and exhaust the bike is just that much better. I was enamored before, but now the power is so smooth, throttle response is amazing, and the bike has really opened up and feels like it pulls so much stronger. The final plug-and-play mod was the Vizi-Tec SupraBrake II. It literally plugs inline to the cable running to the brake light so install was beyond simple. I have not messed around with the different modes as I'm quite happy with the default, but there are 10 modes total. A happy accident that resulted from the install was the realization that my rear brake pedal did not activate my brake light. After a quick google I learned that others have had this problem, and its resolved by adjusting a nut hidden by the guard just above the pedal itself. Very simple to do by hand if you need to do it yourself. All in all I had a fun little weekend for myself, and as sad as I am that the mods are over I'm incredibly happy with the finished product. Unfortunately we're about to get blasted with another snow storm so my riding days are over for a few weeks but needless to say as soon as the roads a dry and clear of sand I'll be back out there!
  9. fuzzmedic

    My '16 FZ 07 with mods

    Thank you, I’m very happy with the finished product. I prefer a subtle look and think I’ve achieved that while changing everything I wanted to.
  10. fuzzmedic

    My '16 FZ 07 with mods

    That’s the controller for the Oxford heated grips. Ideally I would have mounted it on the other side but that placement just worked better.
  11. Hello, I've been a lurker since last year when I picked up my leftover 2016 FZ 07. I've put around 2,500 miles on it since and am getting antsy for the warm weather and I've made a few upgrades so I figured I'd post here. Up front I've added the OEM front cowl, Powermadd Star hand handguards with their motorcycle mounting kit, and Oxford Heaterz Sport Grips. The cowl really is just for show, but the combination of the handguards and heated grips really helps in the cold weather. I've ridden as cold as 35*F and with a decent pair of gloves my hands stay warm. I also went ahead with the R6 throttle tube when I changed grips which is an improvement over stock IMO. Moving around back I've installed the Akrapovic Titanium exhaust and have left the baffle in. It has a very nice rumble when you get on it but isn't blisteringly loud like it would be with the baffle removed. I may drill a few holes in the baffle if I decide I want more noise but I'm happy as it sits. Paired with the exhaust is the Dobeck EJK and recommended snorkel removal of the factory airbox. The bike feels noticeably smoother and has a great throttle response. I also installed the Vagabond tail tidy which was an easy install and reuses the factory turn signals, as well as a Suprabrake II modulator for added visibility and safety. Finally I have OES sliders all around with spools for the rear.
  12. fuzzmedic

    What was your first street bike?

    First bike was a 2015 Honda CB500F. Only had it one season before I decided I needed more power on the highway, but it was a great bike. Very comfortable, great milage, looked great too. Peppy enough around town, but I commute too much on the highway and it lacked passing power. Honestly if it had a little more umph I likely would have kept it, but the FZ 07 was the logical next step for me. My local dealer has a cool buyback program on low displacement bikes if you trade up the following year, so I scored big time on the Yamaha and wouldn't have it any other way
  13. Seemed like the logical upgrade from my Honda CB500F. I was only interested in naked sportbikes and the FZ-07 is the perfect blend of performance and value. As much as I'd love a Ducati or something else exotic I can't justify the extra sticker price and insurance cost.
  14. fuzzmedic

    Yamaha Cowl


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