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  1. cassecou

    New FZ owner in Ky.

    Where abouts? I'm in Floyd County.Floyd County??? so close, I am in Pike County
  2. cassecou

    2015 fz07 3000miles worth it?

    KBB is a good place to start, but if the bike, like the FZ-07, has a very small used inventory, you will have to disregard KBB and be ready to pay a little extra. As well, if the used market for that bike is saturated, prices will go down. So do your homework first.
  3. cassecou

    2015 fz07 3000miles worth it?

    To give you another idea about the bike value, I am getting ready to sell my 2015 FZ07 (I have to be mentally ready for it, as It will be dearly missed), I have 8500 miles on it, all the accessories are the practical kind, as the bike has mainly be used for commuting. It has the Yamaha rack and case, Ermax windshield and rear view mirror's risers, but will need a new rear tire in another 1000 miles, that's all. After looking at its fair market value, I will probably ask for $4500. So what is offered to you seams fair.
  4. This "how to" is not from me but from Thumperman. If you don't have a torque wrench, you can always use a marker to mark the position of the axle bolt in relation to the bike. When tightening back the axle bolt, you just have to match the marks.

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