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    Stock ECU dilemma, Akra Titanium Exhaust

    DNA filter and cover, Akra Ti w/baffle out, and ECU flashed by 2WD. Just got my ECU back couple weeks ago so I installed everything at the same time. I can't say enough good things about the 2WD flash, it is without a doubt a definite must have, and their Customer Service is top notch. The engine is smoother, shifting is smoother, everything about the bike is better. There's a nice rumble on decel but no pops or backfires and engine breaking is reduced so it's much more enjoyable. I know a lot of people like the sound of the decel pops but to me it sounds like a bike that isn't running properly so the ECU flash was worth the investment to me.
  2. tejascruzer

    DNA Air Filters

    Bought mine from Houston SB as well. Haven't installed it yet though, waiting until I get an exhaust and 2WD Flash.
  3. tejascruzer

    Turn Signals

    Bought two sets here a few weeks ago, they had the best online price at the time. Pictures don't do them justice on the brightness, the flashers hurt my eyes in a dark garage from about 10 feet away. http://yamabits.co.uk/yamaha-led-flashers-indicators.html
  4. I went back and forth between the smoked and the clear for a while and finally pulled the trigger on the smoked. I figured if it wasn't bright enough I could just eBay the smoked and switch over to the clear. I can tell you no pictures or YouTube videos I've seen give an accurate representation of the brightness; it's much brighter in person. photo uploading sites free
  5. tejascruzer

    Show me your turn signals!

    I went with the Yamaha Euro LED's front and rear along with the TST Industries smoked Integrated Tail, flasher relay, and wiring harnesses. I wanted separate signals in the back so the TST tail is set for brakes and running lights only but it's nice to have the option if I change my mind later. Everything was plug-n-play and super easy to install. I did some cutting and soldering for the fronts because, between the signals and the wiring harnesses, there was way too much wire to pack behind the headlight. unlimited image hosting
  6. tejascruzer

    Yoshimura Full Exhaust in California

    Do a search for Yoshimura Y-series...
  7. tejascruzer

    Hi from Austin!

    I keep going back and forth between the Yoshi Works Carbon and the Akra Ti. Decisions, decisions...
  8. tejascruzer

    Hi from Austin!

    Finally got to take some pics tonight...
  9. tejascruzer

    So, what helmet do you guys wear?

    Shoei RF-1200 Dominance. Just got back into riding and did not have any gear. Decided to visit the local dealer to helmet shop, just before buying my FZ, and of course the $700 Shoei GT-Air had the best fit but was way out of my price range. Tried the local Cycle Gear and found the RF-1200, which is nearly identical to the GT-Air except for the vent layout and no retractable sun shade. Cycle Gear's $589 price was still more than I wanted to spend so I shopped online and found it for $389. Perfect fit for my dome, pretty light, good air flow, and quiet. Shoei's Pinlock visor system is amazingly fog proof so far and makes it super easy to swap out visors.
  10. tejascruzer

    Returning Rider. New Bike (intro)

    Welcome to the forum and congrats! I just picked up my FZ a couple weeks ago and I give a thumbs up on the Evotech guard as well. Very well built, excellent fit and coverage, and reasonably priced. As for horns, I went with the Denali SoundBomb Mini from Revzilla. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/denali-soundbomb-mini-horn It's a little larger than the stock horn but still fits in the same location, is totally plug-n-play with the stock horn connections, and is super loud. Not air horn loud still plenty loud for traffic and probably the best $30 mod you can do.
  11. In case anyone's still interested, I just bought two sets here a few weeks ago: http://yamabits.co.uk/yamaha-led-flashers-indicators.html Yamabits had the best price I could find at the time and the total with shipping was $162.45. They are two-wire LED signals so they won't work as running lights without some re-wiring. I used the TST Industries signal plug converters and flasher relay to make them plug-n-play and called it a day; wasn't too concerned with turning them into running lights but I may change my mind later. I did do some cutting and soldering on the fronts to remove a lot of the extra wiring. Between the signal and the TST plug converters there's a ton of extra wiring to try packing behind the headlight; with cutting and soldering I was able to get everything to just a couple inches longer than the stock signals making it easy to re-pack. They're super bright, in fact, I turned the flashers on in my garage with all the lights off and they hurt my eyes from about 10 feet away.
  12. tejascruzer

    Hi from Austin!

    Hey Everyone, I'm a new FZ-07 owner in Austin, TX. I started lurking in the forums the moment I knew I wanted an FZ-07, so many thanks to everyone for all of the great info!! I've been riding off and on since I was 13 and just getting back into riding after a 10-year hiatus. My avatar pic shows my 2016 in stock trim the day I picked it up a few weeks ago. Mods so far are a MD Tail Tidy, Yamaha Euro LED signals, TST LED tail light in the smoked persuasion, TST LED Flasher Relay, OPT7 LED headlight, Evotech radiator guard, and Womet-Tech frame, fork, swing arm, and bar end sliders. There's a DNA Stage 2 kit sitting in the garage, waiting for me to decide on an exhaust system, and then the ECU will be off to 2WD for a re-flash. After that I'll work on upgrading the suspension and brake lines. Also want to replace all of the body plastics with Liquid Carbon at some point, love that Carbon/Blurple look from 2015! I love this bike and I smile every time I look at it, let alone ride it!! The first time I rode it I was laughing and screaming my head off like a kid on his first rollercoaster. Sadly, I've been busy at work and the weekend weather has been pretty rainy since I got it so I haven't been able to rack up the miles like I want. Lucky for me the days are sunny, more often than not, in Austin so I have tons of riding to look forward to. What an amazingly fun bike, can't wait to unleash the monster within after the intake and exhaust upgrades! I'll try to unload some current pics when get home tonight.

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