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  1. modene

    Fuel gauge off

    Set your trip meter & estimate average 50mpg that will get you in the ballpark of how many gallons you used
  2. Maybe the clutch cable needs adjustment, also synthetic oil should help. Let Bike warm up .
  3. modene

    New riding gear

    Your a big Guy you needed a Fz09 or FZ-10 . I'm sure the FZ 07 has enough power for your size.
  4. Get the FZ 07 & just ride it at slower speeds until you get comfortable with all aspects of riding. I have a CB500F but the FZ 07 is what I will be getting Next!
  5. modene

    Holy Shoei!!!

    The things we STILL do for taa taa's!!! That first indoors Concert will definitely take its toll on the ears. 100% to 80% or less in a few hours
  6. modene

    Holy Shoei!!!

    The things we STILL do for taa taa's!!!
  7. Rear rack 40-50 liter topcase, 15-20 liter panniers, good size waterproof duffle bag bigger if taking camping gear, sleeping bag in waterproof sea to Summit bag on top of duffle , clothes in topcase. If not camping you can either leave the duffle or topcase off & possibly both. Maybe seatbag ,tankbag & panniers. Don't forget your tools & tire repair kit. It cost three times more to stay in Motels compared to camping. My total gear weight when I'm going camping for more than a day,like a week is around 75Lbs. 15 Lbs of that is a 16 can soft cooler with food/ ect in my topcase with Clothes around cooler. I'm still trying to not take so much stuff. But I'm Prepared ! Knock on Wood
  8. Thing about hammocks is you will need trees, 12' apart . Need a underfly & to keep mosquitoes from getting . Then it needs to be a inclosed hammock, rain fly, stakes, extra paracord/ rope. Hammocks sleep colder .
  9. Yes I sure did, and room wise your right even though the tent I picked up is small I had to get a few other things to make it more comfortable to sleep on the ground as where if I had a hammock I would not need it. Price wise you can pick up a nice hammock for cheep and I looked around but it looks like you would still need a rain fly ( tarp) or the nice ones get up in price fast. So the only reason I didn't get one was because I could not find the one that was enclosed for the right price.
  10. With camping gear I use a saddlebags,large duffle with sleeping bag in a sea to summit waterproof bag on top. 46liter topcase. If not camping you can leave duffle & sleeping bag at home, at least 30 Lbs lighter. But!!! Motels will cost 3 times more than camping. As long as it's not too hot at night I will camp.

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