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  1. If im cruising I tend to sit more towards the front/middle but for more spirited riding and hitting twisties, I throw my butt in the back and get nice and low.
  2. mints

    Mt. Lemmon

    Dude they are! Ive visited quite a few places in my life and people here are on a totally different level of ignorance. I get so frustrated driving/riding out here. I just wanna smack some of these people haha.
  3. mints

    Mt. Lemmon

    Earlier in the video you see us passing a jeep...the leader of the group politely pulled up next to him and asked if he can let us pass, since he was doing 30 in a 40, and the driver proceeded to tell him to "F&#K Off" and slowed down more. No reasoning for being a complete ass. Cant stand half the people on the road...Arizona especially.
  4. mints

    Mt. Lemmon

    Yea it really can. We try to get up there early to avoid it but that was a late day for us. Some drivers pull over for us which is nice but others could care less and proceed to block us.
  5. mints

    Mt. Lemmon

    It was the frame rate that the rider behind me was recording at. Since LEDS "pulse" and a different frequency it looks like they are flashing but in reality theyre not. Its jsut the camera actually picking up the pulse width.
  6. mints

    Mt. Lemmon

    haha no snow. When I went up in february there were small mounds but its been pretty dry.
  7. mints

    Mt. Lemmon

    Im sure well have more in the coming weeks. Trying to get some good rides in before one of our guys leaves for europe for 4 months. Ill post another one of a previous trip up the same mountain. Just a little longer.
  8. mints


    any concerns of rotation?
  9. mints

    Mt. Lemmon

    Haha i know the feeling. We just moved out here in January...originally from the Chicago Burbs. Not much good cruising there either...most weaves were to avoid potholes haha.
  10. Damn. Wish I wouldve saw this away backl. I would love some gilles rear sets...next time lol. I guess thats what I get for lying dormant.
  11. mints


    Ive been toying with the idea of a more aggressive stance/better handling upgrade to mine but never done any type of installation of handlebars on a bike (dont plenty of other work mainly on cars) so Im curious as to the difficulty of swapping stockers for renthals. Any serious modifications other than drilling new holes for the controls? I assume you just measure the stock locations from one end and drill accordingly.
  12. I just found this last night...I think i found my project for next year
  13. Its been a long while since I posted on here so I figured why not start it off again with a video of us hittin the twisties on Mt Lemmon here in Tucson!

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