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  1. It makes riding still more interesting. Learning blip, braking same time,...
  2. Waiting to get it back like a new from a crash.
  3. mt7fan

    New MT owner

    It also rides even better than the 14-16 -model.
  4. mt7fan

    2016 Rusting!

    What about under the chain protector on swingarm?
  5. Happened to me also while glancing at a hot girl walking by. Had just a small stoppie.
  6. mt7fan

    Body positioning when cornering fast-ish?

    You always counter steer to corner, even if you're thinking you are only leaning.
  7. I've used cotton in my ears successfully many years in concerts. Totally adjustable and comfortable. Not yet tried with helmet on bike.
  8. See last post on the first page.
  9. Where did you put the unit ? It has to point to the direction you are driving, and the cord is short and stiff.

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