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  1. Installed my new Dunlop Q3's that I bought at 4wheelonline and then I went out for a short ride.
  2. Bought a blue ox weight distribution hitch for my truck. I will be using it when pulling my motorcycle. I sometimes haul an RV trailer so this weight distribution product is worth an investment.
  3. Washed the wheels. Cleaned and lubed the chain.
  4. My Shoe RF-1200 fits my head perfectly. For an open face helmet, I like wearing an Arai helmet.
  5. djarvis

    Yoshimura Y-series

    I like it though the CF tip might fade over time.
  6. djarvis

    M4 exhaust install

    I'm curious also about the sound if it is too loud or not.
  7. I just installed my new license plate frame and remove the sticker on the tank.
  8. djarvis

    Akra or M4?

    I personally like the sound of Akra.
  9. I ccleaned y bike and lubed the chain.
  10. If you're looking for a good paint, ceramic coat is durable and will look good on exhaust.
  11. Changed the oil and filter. Tomorrow, I will replace the light bulbs with LEDs.

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