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  1. fizzer7r

    Vortex Clip-ons

    Yeah, I guess that would be a good idea lol. https://vortexracing.com/shop/product/15970/711/17/53/
  2. Anyone tried these on their bike? I tried to do a search here on the site and on Google but didn't find anything related to the Vortex Clip-ons. Lots of talk and pics about the Woodcrafts (looks great), but I'm wondering how the Vortex ones are as they attach under the triple clamp rather than on top like the Woodcrafts.... Do the bars hit the tank at all? There enough clearance for your hand when turning the handlebars completely? If anyone has tried them and can answer this would be very helpful and would ultimately help me decide what I'm going to do. Thank in advance.
  3. Was looking at those dampers too, but the brackets that hold it (which you have to buy separately by the way) is pretty big and bulky in my opinion. Really doesn't look good, if you ask me. If you do decide to take the dive and get it post some pics after install. Might not be as bad as I'm imagining it to be.
  4. fizzer7r

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Welcome and grats on the bike! And welcome to the yellow rim club! Haha
  5. fizzer7r

    Black widow exhaust

    Agreed, my baffle for my exhaust already came with holes in the side. It'll make it louder but not as loud as being straight through. Definitely the better choice if you're worried about getting stopped by cops.
  6. fizzer7r

    Black widow exhaust

    Those are powermadd handguards with the additional mirror attachment. If you do a search they'll pop up, there was a thread on them that made me pick them​ up and try them out. Otherwise I'll see if I can link it tomorrow. Btw I wouldn't buy them again, no wind protection from the cold(reason I tried them) and the mirror is basically worthless unless you're just trying to be "legal". I see. So the mirror comes as an attachment for the handguard. I personally don't like the look of handguards in general was thinking the little mirror is a nice add for more visibility though
  7. fizzer7r

    Black widow exhaust

    Looks and sounds great! I'm wondering where you got those little bar end mirrors. Any chance I can get a link?
  8. I use this exact Battery Tender USB attachment on my FZ-07. Works great for charging my phone. Used it all of last summer and 0 problems with it. Not sure if leaving your cable plugged into it will drain the battery as I've never left the cable plugged into the USB. I can confirm though that the USB adapter itself will not drain your battery as I leave that connected all the time and haven't had any battery problems.
  9. I think it varies depending who put your bike together. I know a lot is done by machines these days, but I'm pretty sure the gas tank and fairings and other things are put on by an actual person. Some people will tighten bolts more than others. On my bike, first time I came to take all the fairings off to lift the gas tank, I noticed all the fairing bolts were actually loose. So far no problem with any other bolts and after finding those so loose I checked everything else and all's good. Sorry to hear so many have trouble with bolts. :/
  10. Except on the Canadian models, at least according to some of our Canadian forum members. As a Montrealer, I can confirm this. Our bikes are only in Km/H and cannot be changed to Mi/H
  11. fizzer7r

    Hello all!

    Well, there's already one going on, I think we're just waiting on a couple more people to get in on it for it to happen. Honestly, I thought of making one myself, but I'm not sure I could make it look good enough and I don't want it to stick out or look stupid. And, I guess I just don't mind paying a little for it to look good. I'm sure you could do better than me though, I don't have much experience with metal work other than straight forward cutting and sanding edges, haha. If the buy falls through for any reason, I wouldn't mind paying you to make me one, if you were willing.
  12. fizzer7r

    Hello all!

    Went a little crazy today and decided to reposition my muffler. I really didn't like having it high mounted on the side, it's not ugly or anything it just completely blocked the view of the rear swingarm and back wheel and I'm trying to have the bike look as clean as possible. What do you guys think? Better this way or the way it was? Now I just need to wait for the group buy of the rear brake reservoir relocation bracket so I can move the reservoir and then finally get rid of the passenger footpeg bracket on that side. Other side is already gone so it looks a little awkward now. upload picture
  13. fizzer7r

    Black Widow Exhaust

    You have to look under MT-07 which is the European version of the FZ. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but their pipes are exactly the same from my knowledge.
  14. fizzer7r

    Turbo Build

    This looks sick! Definitely following this to see how it looks when finished. Would love to put a turbo on my bike someday.
  15. Been running an aftermarket exhaust on my FZ for a whole season without a PC or any other type of fuel injection management and I've had no problems. Still going to get one this summer cause I want one, but I don't think running an aftermarket exhaust without one will do much over a short term, especially not in a week, and even more so if you drive properly and don't rev it to the limiter

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