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  1. First these : PN S3534090 (I'm about 200lbs). Front Fork Springs http://racetech.com/ProductSearch/2/Yamaha/FZ-07/2015-16 This made quite a noticeable improvement for sure. Helped immensely with the bike diving under hard braking, or into corners. Then these : Cheap Ebay Fork Preload Adjusters http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fit-Yamaha-MT-07-FZ-07-14-15-Black-Billet-Fork-Preload-Adjusters-Stabilizer-/201781883176?hash=item2efb233128:g:wtkAAOSwA3dYd8Xn&vxp=mtr This was icing on the cake for the springs. I dialed in another 10-15mm of preload to get the forks to what I liked. Disclaimer on these : I read the concerns some have with these having soft metal, and under sized O-rings. I'll say the O-ring definitely needs to be swapped with the stock cap O-ring, as the ones that came with were too thin. As for the soft threads, I did not encounter this. If anything, the threads / metal seemed to be similar to the stock caps. I'm confident these things aren't going anywhere, since you have not only the threads holding them back, but also the pinch bolt on the top of the fork. For 26$, I'm more than happy. Next is up is an Ohlins shock & possibly emulators if I'm still not happy with the forks.
  2. z324u

    Crush washers

    1/2" or 13mm crush washers from any parts store work great. You can get a large pack for around 4$ at most parts stores. They usually have them in aluminum (like stock), or copper.
  3. Honestly I listened to everyone's recommendations on hundreds of posts and YouTube videos. I have a tendency to research things to death. I will say this bike is excellent, and whatever I do I'd be happy to keep it. I'm probably just having a bit of buyers remorse for lack of experience with different street bikes. The only other street bikes I've ridden are a 1290 super duke and the BMW S1000RR..... kind of a tough crowd from what I gather. Like somebody else said you can definitely do ALOT worse for 7k. In the end though I just see myself on a supersport. Especially the S1000, as it's riding position didn't seem as hunched down as a normal Japanese SS? I'm not sure when it will happen, but I'm gonna give the FZ7 a bit longer to attach to my liking...... maybe even pick up a super sport project bike? I will say I feel like a bit like a gorilla riding a tricycle sometimes on this bike.... I'm only 6'1", but I guess it's because I'm used to really high suspensions on Dirtbike's? For whatever reason I didn't get that feeling on the BMW. If I had to break it down pros vs cons Pros: Low end torque Fit / Finish Comfortable around town Engine sound (so good) Cons: Top end power (or lack thereof) Suspension - had to get springs and preload caps for front - much better now but still not what I thought it'd be Fuel tank size Wind at anything above 55
  4. haha Savage! I'll let you know. I have a FT Tuner on it now as well as DNA lid/filter! It's a good running bike for sure, but just doesn't do it for me like I thought it would :/
  5. I originally bought the bike, because I thought it would be enough for my first street bike. Honestly after racing in the dirt for a long time, I'm already bored with it and want more. Am I nuts? I'm thinking about putting it for sale if this doesn't wear off, and getting a super sport. I rode a BMW S1000RR this past weekend, and it's ruined me I believe!
  6. impact allen keys, and a small battery powered 3/8 impact are god sent. It's not the best thing for tightening them down, but rather for removing them without damage. Probably the best 150$ I've ever spent for a tool.
  7. z324u

    Black Widow Exhaust

    I will get around to making one when I can find my GoPro :/. For now, here is one I found on youtube.... not my video, but this is the exact exhaust and bike (color and all coincidently).
  8. z324u

    Black Widow Exhaust

    I can't see why it wouldn't last the life of the bike. It seems to be very well put together, and solid. The thickness of the tubing, and welds are definitely on par with the other more expensive brands from what I see.
  9. If you wondered about the quality of the 350-375$ black widow exhausts on eBay, have no fear..... it's great. It sounds fantastic as well, the numerous videos on YouTube don't do it justice. I haven't tried it with the baffle out yet , as I'm waiting on my ftecu to come in, but with it in sounds awesome. Side by side with my buddies full yosh exhaust it's very similar. He made the comment about wishing he would have gotten it and saved the money! Doing the black widow exhaust I can now get an ecu and filter - so worth it !
  10. z324u

    1st Mod ~ Suspension?

    Wow thanks for the detailed reply. I will try to contact those guys asap
  11. Hello All.... I'm picking up a brand new Matte Silver FZ-07 tomorrow, and want to setup the suspension as my first mod. I want to stay around 6-800$ if possible (parts not labor). I'm 6'2" and about 200 / 33-34" in seam (I'm all legs!). This is my first street bike, but I'm a very experienced off road / mx racer. I know suspension is the absolute first thing I do to my offload bikes every year when I get one, so I figure it's got to carry over to street to some degree? At the very least as a safety net for learning the ropes. Could one of you fine gents direct me to the absolute best option for setting up the bike to my weight? I attempted to look through some of this forum, and others, and I'm more confused now than before! I have no problem doing the work myself, as I'm quite experienced rebuilding shocks and forks on much more complex closed cartridge systems (dirt bikes).

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