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  1. Try a 170 rear and perhaps a 120/60 if you want to change geometry a bit.
  2. some shocks claim 22-30 clicks of this or that. But assuming 4 clicks/turn it's typically the case that 4 turns (16) is about the limit of effectiveness and the rest do squat. Springs have +/-20lb weight range and you can utilize a spring rate "off" by one and probably two increments without hating the experience.
  3. pattonme

    Virginia Roll Call

    @TJC is that Tim? Red bike? That I met in crystal city this morning?
  4. pattonme

    MT07 rebuild/custom project

    If Nitron's 22mm cartridge kit is like their big-boy versions (TVT25, $1300) it's going to be at least as expensive as the Ohlins ($800) and probably more. If you're State-side I can get them just as soon as they are released.
  5. pattonme

    Ohlins 80 N/mm spring

    the weaker the spring the harder you work the compression valving which is already crap to begin with. The guy is crazy to run a 80.
  6. Pick any oil solution you like. Good luck finding the Torco and the Ohlins price will probably take your breath away. I don't ship oil except in rare cases since it's a pain, heavy, and I only buy specific items in 1L bottles (super thin cartridge oil). Otherwise I buy it by the 5 gallon pail. Just buy the 2 bottles of Maxima and you'll have plenty to play mix-master with down the road. Measure your new caps and cut a new PVC spacer so you end up with 10mm of preload.built-in. length from top of spring to top of tube (fully extended) - thickness of cap + 10mm - any washers. Remeasure sag. Your shock spring rate is off but livable for the moment. The whole unit needs to get replaced anyway...
  7. I mixed Maxima 10 (165/150) and 15 (235/150) with 150ml of the thinner for somewhere close to 43. https://www.widman.biz/English/Calculators/Mixtures.html If you've been riding cruisers, aren't you used to brake dive by now and consider it "usual and customary"? The OE cap is about 20mm thick between the bottom surface and the lip. I am not familiar with the Fast Gear's dimensions. I would be surprised if from fully backed out to max turned in is much over 10mm. Sure you can get springs from me. But at this juncture you need to first determine BOTH rider and non-rider sag values at both ends. Then we can have a further conversation about springs.
  8. If it's worth doing, just do it right. Use an A-frame ladder and some straps and hang the bike by the frame for handlebars if you're really desperate. Otherwise buy a set of stands. 1. no, not really and anyway you want those new, properly sized bushings, right? 2. https://sites.google.com/site/forksbymatt/resources/oil-list pick something between 36-46cSt@40. When it gets cold you'll probably want something at the low end of the range, if it stays hot (SCal, AZ, TX etc) the higher end. 3. no. First try the oil and opt. spring change. If it's not to your liking then you can spend more money. You have about 0.88kg/mm springs so at 215lb you can still get away with using them. What is your bike sag? Are you really using the stock spacers un-cut with the new caps? How thick are the new caps from the base plate to the underside of the lip? Cutting the OE metal spacer is a PITA, so just go get some 1" PVC from the hardware store and you can experiment easily and cheaply. The NIX-22 comes with about 10mm (7+) of built-in preload. So I guess @djfz07 will want a set of 9's. You can get 0.92kg/mm springs, it's called 9.0N/mm and european sources generally mark them as such. Mixing neighboring rates is just fine. In your case maybe you install one 0.95kg/mm and a stocker if you like.
  9. https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls?nhtsaId=18V483 per https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/recall/yamaha-mt-07-xsr700-loose-bolt-recall I guess a dab of purple or blue locktite then?
  10. white with gold rims is a mainstay of Japanese-market bikes. Especially Hondas. I personally love the combo and despise black rims across the board. Silver or silver machined (black) rims I can tolerate. Otherwise rims should be a useful color.
  11. Probably a bit of overkill... https://superbikeschool.com/about-us/machinery/lean-bike/ :0
  12. pattonme

    MT-07 Blurple Body Panels???

    Somebody who works a quarter-mile from my house rides one in pretty regularly and has that color.
  13. pattonme

    Shock spring too soft, ideas?

    There's some leeway on spring. For any given spring rate it's suitability has a +/-20lb range. You can go outside that bracket and it'll still "work" but now your bike vs rider sag values become harder to hit. Just because you can hit rider sag be it with a ton of preload or no preload doesn't mean it's right. You have to hit both. Given that a rider of X can still hit both ranges with a spring rate on either side of 'optimal' means pick your poison - it's not critical. Damping is almost always the problem and OE shocks are just hopeless.
  14. pattonme

    Shock spring too soft, ideas?

    Yeah, a drill-press/mill, a tap, a source of pressurized N2, pressure gauge, various clip tools, rod holders, a grinder, file, a cache of shims, a bit of oil...
  15. pattonme

    New old guy

    The Arrow fits with the centerstand.

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