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  1. pattonme

    Don't tell my MT

    It seems quite a few of the guys who buy Ducati/Aprilia spend a fortune (2-3000) on carbon fiber and this and that farkle. And that's even before the $1500-2000 exhaust comes into the picture. Just wow. But I guess it goes along with "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" what's a few grand to an already expensive bike... I came across one recently - 2016 RSV4-RR, not even 700 miles. about 8 grand in upgrades.
  2. pattonme

    Wheel Alignment

    wrong question. Align sprocket and chain (got a ruler?). The markings are irrelevant.
  3. pattonme

    Aligning your rear wheel.

    no, @gregjet means if you're using something like AP Motoarts link or a shock (eg. K-Tech Razor-RR) that is considerably longer than stock.
  4. pattonme

    Chain tension noob questions

    only if the factory f'kd up the spacers. Overtorquing is never a good idea and people have had to replace the entire axle because of failed threads. The Yam torque spec is asinine high already. Go buy a friggin' wrench. HF units work well enough. rest your hand on the chain is good enough for '3ft/lb'. A little loose is no big deal.
  5. really, I said that? Can you point to the message so I can go fix it? A constant-rate spring is always constant until either coil-bind or the suspension is topped out.
  6. you could have a K-Tech Razor-Lite for $470 delivered to your door (CONUS). Unless the 2018 shock was 50 I wouldn't touch it. Pretty much everything that comes from KYB is total crap. Your money so do as you like.
  7. https://sites.google.com/site/forksbymatt/resources/oil-list pick something 40-45cSt@40. toss the metal preload tube, cut some PVC shorter by about 10mm or buy some preload adjustable caps.
  8. pattonme

    Lovely classics from new parts

    I think you need better reading glasses @gregjet. The prototype has 5" from my eyeballing it. Aside from coloring it's the same as the production picture. The black is DLC.
  9. ahh Maruchan - you need to lay off the MSG. Snap rings last forever as do the upper bushings though if you want to swap those because 22k, no worries. I've got several combinations of bushing and seal kits so just tell me what you want and I can mix/match to suit.
  10. pattonme

    FZ-07 Shrike Bag Mount Pictures

    do you have a set of soft bags that are compatible? Most bags have zilch rigidity in the side walls let alone across the ends to maintain some semblance of shape. Or is the idea that one sandwiches the traditional bag with a 1/4" aluminum plate on the inner wall and the bracket? Neat idea I must say. I had Givi 45L bags (old square shape) and they survived a 100+mph get-off.
  11. pattonme

    Lovely classics from new parts

    My recent Z900RS acquisition had be dialing around the net and I came across this. Just lovely. Looks like a Triumph Thruxton R just with the classic Honda I4 powerplant. http://www.hondaprokevin.com/honda-cb-concept-type-ii-cb1100-motorcycle-bike-release
  12. Honda/Showa are generally better at doing suspension than KYB. 4K miles no rebuild necessary. Hmm, 5->24 and then 6->30 on rear sag says to me your spring is too light. The delta should be more like 15. That 170 is in shorts or in riding gear?
  13. yeah it's too long but it's 30% cheaper than the 108. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01I9SGTZE
  14. pattonme

    Don't ever test ride a Ninja 1000

    damn Kawi. The Z1000 gets the eccentric axle adjuster and the Z900 doesn't. For shame! I really like the 2018 colors but it's just too much tupperware and bird-head pointy. A lot of cycle for the money no doubt at least if you count lbs per dollar. I suspect it has the same shock as the Z900 series which isn't very good.

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