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  1. titleist32

    Who here is from Iowa? (Tristate Area)

    Out in the quad cities. We should schedule a meet up.
  2. After countless searching I really think Dobeck performance is going to be my best bang for the buck when it comes to exhaust and fuel management. The price looks awesome and the ease of use and install really has me hooked. Now I'm just trying to decide which exhaust to get. I like the M4 but don't want to repack it every 5k, IXIL looks to be the option so far (it helps that baffle removal looks easy as well as being able to put it back in if needed). I've got a whole lot of parts coming shortly and will post pics when completed. link
  3. titleist32


    I am probably going to add an M4 slip on exhaust (for price it just seems right for me) and a DNA filter. Is a power commander really going to be necessary? It's just pricey. I know I could always pull my ecu and sent it in to get flashed for my specific setup and maybe that would be the best route. Do we have any supporting vendors to do that? Thanks for the advice. I've gone parts ordering crazy lately.
  4. I love the look of the drag bars but it seems to me that everyone ends up getting the renthal ultra lows at some point and there probably is a reason for that....
  5. I'm all the way out in the quad cities (Moline IL/Davenport Iowa)
  6. I really want to give the bike a little more of an aggressive look. It seems like there are a few options out there for bars. I really like the look of drag bars but I'm concerned they might kick my butt on a longer ride? Anyone have experience with the different types of bars listed? They seem to be the most popular and really have the look I want. Just curious what people's opinions are. Pictures and links would be really nice. Thank you guys.
  7. titleist32

    FZ07 is my first bike

    you are right. I cant complain for picking it up for $5400 with 1500 miles and a factory warranty for another few months. Ill modify it and hone my skills. It could end up just being a really solid street bike for me. If I want to get more aggressive or drive like a speed demon, well some 17 year old kif probably has an R1 he dropped recently pretty cheap on craigslist that I can make a track bike one day.
  8. titleist32

    FZ07 is my first bike

    I took the MSF course and that helped. I know I have a lot to learn and practice before I would be ready to upgrade. But you are right this bike can get you in trouble quick. I like the fact that the power is actually useable, I feel like when you start getting bigger you might have the power but how much can I really use on the street?
  9. After a lot of excuses and reasons to not get a bike I finally just committed. I always wanted a supersport but after sitting on them I didn't think they would be ideal. I live in the quad cities (boarder of iowa and Illinois) and there is a broad range of riding options from urban to back country roads. I picked up my FZ07 right before everyone had their tax returns back and the weather got nice for the dealers to bump up the pricing. After a little talking I picked her up for $500 under KBB with a little "acting" like I wasn't sure. They tried to bump me up to the FZ09but I just didn't feel comfortable on it. It seems like an amazing machine but not for my first bike. I am a little concerned I am going to want more, I'm a speed freak :/. I'm hope I am not disappointed. Of course I cant leave anything stock either so I have already ordered parts. My bike is a 2016 silver/black/blurple. Ermax Satin Blue sport windscreen OES Frame and axle sliders with rear spools Cyclops 7000lumen headlight Amber LED front parking light Motodynamic fender eliminator/integrated taillight/flush mount turn signals
  10. titleist32

    Opinion on frame sliders?

    The bligdonion stuff looks awesome but I'm not ready to drop that kind of cash. I think OES is my best option for now after a lot of thought.
  11. So I just picked up my bike. First one ever and I am very excited but have a ton of questions. I have been a car guy for a very long time and just getting into bikes. I am curious what everyones take on frame slider are? (spools as well etc). I am thinking about investing in some but I am not sure honestly. I hear good and bad things. Who makes some solid stuff for our bikes in that category though? Thanks for everyones input.

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