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  1. I like the looks of the new MT09, and in some very rare moments I could use a bit more power. I know in reality porbably in 95% of the cases I will simply not use the full potential of the bike (I'm not Rossi at the end of the day ). Recently I have joind some folks with a bit higher power bikes (Street Triple R, Z900, F800R ect) and in straigt lines they do give a hard time to keep up with the MT07... But lets face it... I dig the looks of the 09
  2. I have sold her. After 18 month of ownership and 11 000 kilometers full of fun I have decided to say good-buy to my loved first bike. But don't worry, the bike I have picked as next is an MT09 SP model, to be delivered by the dealer this friday
  3. zsoci

    These outsell the MT07

    I'm always wondering where are all these MT07s in Germany... I live 30km from Frankfurt and all I see is BMW R1200GS and Harleys. I have seen 3-4 MT07s only in the last year, so even if it was best selling in the last years, adventure bikes waaaay outsell it.
  4. I just ordered a set of Michelin Road5 sets as my stock tyres after 9000 km (1 season) are close to slick... Probably riding on the Nürburgring is not the best way to keep your tyres long-lasting
  5. I really like it and had a chance to sit on it in Dortmund motorshow, but pricing seems to be a bit off for me (at least here in Germany). I can buy for almost the same money an MT09SP, so the dilemma is more to which to moove on from MT07... I like the 2 cilinder engines more than the 3 cilinder, however I have good experience with yamaha. I guess this year I still keep the mt07 and wait for some more reviews on the duke to have the change in 2019.
  6. I had a chance to sit on it in Dortmund motorbike expo. I really liked the new "night fluo" color scheme (same wheel, but plastics have a matt finish). The seat was feeling pretty same as my '17 model with comfort seat, however somehow it felt more narrow probably due to the new fairings on the tank, you decide if you like it more or less, but the new front turn signal placement I was not fan of... At the end of the day it is basically the same bike for me with new plastics as I have already changed to Öhlins my suspension... I had a chance to sit on the KTM Duke 790, what I have really liked except the hideous rear numberplate/rear lights holder. Would consider that as next bike probably, even over the MT09 SP what I was mostly interested in now.
  7. Correct. You can buy specific markers for textile and it supposed to withstand sashing ect... With regards to the seat, yesterday I did ~500 km (~310 miles) and close to the end in the last 20 minutes my butt started to hurt... I would say it adds 30-40% higher range in confort vs the regular seat (at least for me).
  8. I bought a textil marker and basically colored it black... You have to go over it several times and let it dry between the layers. Also it is quite important to have a decent marker so it does a good job. You can buy plenty of them on amazon...
  9. So here is my quick view on it. I had a chance to ride for ~4000 km with stock setup, than changed to Öhlins full kit and had another ~2000km including where half was riding to work (some city some highway) and the rest spent on twisty roads and even couple of laps on the Nürburgring. - High speed: the old setup above ~150 km/h speed became wobbly and not reliable, while with the new setup even around 200 km/h (here in Germany it is legal  ) it was still stable and no wobbling - Braking: the front suspension was bouncing back (I’m around 95 kg) and then being pushed down again, basically I had the feeling that the front of the bike is jumping up and down. With the new setup this feel is absolutely gone and absolutely reliable behavior of the front forks can be expected. No bouncing. - Cornering: this was the biggest change for me. With the stock setup during more aggressive cornering I had the feeling that the rear is just “letting go” and if the rear would slide all over after the apex mainly during acceleration. It was quite alarming that I could not predict when I will start have the feeling and panic due this. Other bikers following me sad that they saw that the rear of the bike compressed than starts kind of wobble, while the wheel was still stable and not sliding. So I had the feel of losing grip due to the rear of the bike moving up-down as the weight transferred during the corner probably. With the new setup similarly to the front it feels very stable, no sign of losing grip in the same corner. Does it feel more stiff on bad roads? Maybe, but I try to avoid bad quality roads… and invest in a confort seat Could the Nürburgring show its limits? Not really, I was scrapping pegs before the shocks would show a sign of losing the battle, and yes in some cases I was a p*ssy as when a Porsche GT3/Nissan GTR/Ferrari ect is in the corner next to you so close you can touch it, you better let it go O_o Overall: best way to spend some cash on your bike!
  10. zsoci

    Frame sliders. Yes or No?

    That's the chance you take with any frame sliders. If they catch onto something after you lowside then they could bend the frame or the sliders can catch onto something and cause the bike to tumble. Those are the cons. Although, chances are they'll prevent more damage than they'l cause. I managed to test them... It was at low speed (at a corner after red light, I was lucky enough to get some oil on my rear wheen and it slipped out) and they have done the job perfectly. The bike was sliding for about 5 meters on its side. All I had to replace is the slider and the front fork slider, but they are made to absorb such crashes If you crash at high speed no slider will save the bike.
  11. Tofay my plan was to ride to the Nürburgring, but half way there it started to rain and I'm made of sugar so before I started to melt I turned back... just 40km from the track... but I will give a try tomow, anyhow today it was closed for the public...
  12. Me too, got the road kit with rear shock and fork springs and it made me love her more. . +1! i have front and rear Öhlins on my bike and absolutely love it! It makes a BIG difference!
  13. I have a Held tailbag. It is strapped on to the rear seat, but it can be taken off with a zipper quickly without removing the seat. It is very nice quality, however the size is not that big. I can easily fit my phone, keys, 0.5 liter bottle in it without using the expansion. On one of the photos you can see it opened up. It also can be used as a backpack… https://shop.held.de/en/accessories/luggage/textiles/4294/strap-system-rear-bag/tankbag-tenda?c=790&number=004541-00.1.Stck
  14. Took her to my local dealer to install full Öhlins (NIX22+STX46) suspension Sad that it will rain the whole weekend so have to wait with it a bit...

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