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  1. I rode for the first time this weekend, it definitely seemed like it helped with wind around 45-55 way more than not having it, but with how windy it was here this weekend it was hard to get a good read on it. Did you notice any big changes?We rode about 80 miles and I think it make a difference from 50 on up with the wind on my chest. I didn't need to get down as far to get the wind over my helmet.
  2. Yes sir! Almost exactly like yours. Probably a manufacturing flaw. For $29 and free shipping form china I cant really complain. Haha I bought the same one and I rode for the first time since installing it in the daylight, Same spot on mine too.
  3. ride351

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    Love the black fz's. Welcome to the forums!
  4. No prob, glad to help.
  5. Yes it covers all the ugly bits! Sorry for the horrible pic, I just walked out to garage and snapped a quick one. Here is a less awful picture, so you can see how it cleans up the bike.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion @Ride351 . I've looked at that one before but I've not seen any pictures of it installed. Does it cover the sides/top/bottom as well, to help hide the bare aluminum? The bare aluminum just clashes with the Red & black scheme IMO. Yes it covers all the ugly bits! Sorry for the horrible pic, I just walked out to garage and snapped a quick one.
  7. Welcome! I bought this grill and love it. https://www.motovationusa.com/radiator-guard-by-evotech-performance-bun002197.html?mmyId=74588&mmy=Yamaha-FZ-07-2016 It fully covers the radiator and it very well built.
  8. ride351

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    I ended up with the 7000 because they were out of stock on the 3800s. This thing is awesome and BRIGHT! I got the rubber basket around the light with some fighting, but I got it.
  9. ride351

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    Lol, thanks guys! I will get it ordered shortly and see if i am lazy or not!
  10. ride351

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    Can you tell me about the "cutting the boot" I have been reading about it and your thoughts on it?
  11. ride351

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    Thank you Sir!
  12. ride351

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    Thank you!
  13. ride351

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    Sounds like you bought some ebay 25 dollar specials. I had the same problem too, my first cheapo HIDs lasted 200 miles before crapping out. At the time LED tech was still behind (2014) and wasn't too good so I manned up and purchased proper 100 dollar (with discount coupon) HIDs. Going on 3 years now with no problems. So if you decide not to go the LED route, you need to actually spend hundred or more dollars for a proper HID set. Although if my HIDs finally do crap out, I will probably go with Cyclops LEDs. You are correct, I will be going the LED route very soon.
  14. ride351

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    I forgot that I added frame sliders, front and rear fork sliders and radiator guard too. Man these parts add up quick!

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