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  1. img url It meet all the requirements. It's all I've ever used in my Bikes (road and MX), ATV and car. I even use the use ATV oil in my lawnmower and pressure washer. but It your bike. Use what you want. I'll stay with the Rotella T6 in eveything
  2. Dainese Hydra Flux D-Dry Jacket Black/Grey/Hi-viz. Saved me from road rash 2 weeks ago. https://fortnine.ca/en/dainese-hydra-flux-d-dry-jacket
  3. worty

    PSA: Speeding

    Here is the Demerit Points and Fines for speeding range in Ontario, Canada. 0 – 15 KM/H - 0 demerit points Up to $50.00 fine 16 – 29 KM/H OVER THE LIMIT - 3 demerit points $50 to $230 fine 30 – 49 KM/H OVER THE LIMIT - 4 demerit points $230 to $360 fine 30 Day Licence Suspension for G1 and G2 drivers 100% Insurance increase 50 KM/H OVER THE LIMIT- 6 demerit points Summons issued to Court 30 Day Suspension for G1 and G2 drivers 100% Insurance increase STUNT DRIVING / RACING – 50KM/H OR MORE Summons issued to Court 6 demerit points Immediate 7 day licence suspension Immediate 7 day vehicle impound One year licence suspension Minimum fine $2,000 Maximum fine $10,000 Jail up to 6 months 100% Insurance increase School and construction zones the fines double. I rarely go 15km/hr over the limit. I'm cheap. Cops usually don't bother with ya if you stay 15km/hr below.
  4. worty

    Got Hit

    You will have to tell what is wrong with that?
  5. worty

    Got Hit

    Thank you everyone for the great help. First time ever in an accident in my 26+ years so had no really idea how to go about it. Thanks again and I'll keep you all posted.
  6. worty

    Got Hit

    My insurance suggested a lawyer if i don't like what her insurance offers. She even said if i get one the lawyer have them look over all my insurances stuff as well.
  7. worty

    Got Hit

    My insurance is great help right now. they told me my gear will be all replaced. they still haven't looked at the bike. if they write it off i will take a little hit on that cause i don't think I had where you get what you paid for the bike but used ones are only a few hundred cheaper but i could be wrong. The big thing is my lost wage. I think i'm going to have to get a lawyer depending on what her insurance says when they call me next week.
  8. worty

    Got Hit

    There was nothing i could have done. I was only going around 30 to 40 km/hr around the roundabout since it was a cool morning and my tires where still cold. the guy that was behind the lady that hit me says he was doing 60 km/hr and the lady passed him just before the roundabout and didn't hit the brakes till after she hit me. I was right where she merges into the turn. I got body slammed out of the way.
  9. worty

    Got Hit

    thanks. pain isn't too bad. sleeping is another story. I've been a stomach sleeper all my life so now i have to sleep on my back. still trying to adjust.
  10. worty

    Got Hit

    here is the damage to my Helmet and backpack. My sena 20s came off the mount and its lost now to. They had to cut my jacket to get it off of me so the hospital has it. Is the Helmet any good after a crash? I'm pretty sure insurance is replacing everything anyways.
  11. worty

    Got Hit

    holly shit! and i'm having a hard time cleaning the dirty dishes...
  12. worty

    Got Hit

    This is the first i've ever been in. 26+ years of driving so im pretty green dealing with insurance companies. I'm not sure if I can sue or not being from Ontario, Canada but I now intend to do a little research to find out if i can get anything for my pain and suffering while she is relaxing nicely at home. Thanks
  13. Well it happen to me on Tuesday morning going to work. Going through a roundabout and a lady in a car didn't even look and smashed into me sending me flying across the road while she ran over the front of the bike. I had full gear on so no road rash but i did end up braking my collar bone in 2 spots so i had to spend the day at the hospital getting pins and plates in my collar. Its is very sore right now but i think it would have been alot worse if i wasn't wearing all my gear. The bike itself is in bad shape. loads of scratches, leaking oil and the forks are bent pretty good. I'm hopping they write it off so i can get a new one instead of repairing it. had less then 6000km on it. loved that bike. Now i'm off work for the summer with no bike and couldn't ride one even if I had one. The lady was charged with careless driving thanks to the 4 witness that stopped. here is my xray of my collar bone. when i go see the doc next week i will get a picture of the repair.
  14. The only ones that never wave back or give you the head nod is the odd Harley guys. I'm about 2 hours east of Toronto.
  15. I too have the TST and they are fine at night but not bright enough for my liking in the day time. I can tell other drivers can't tell I'm turning when facing them. I too am going to be ordering the Proton 500 shortly.

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