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  1. patman

    FZ-07 CCT issues?

    Yeah I put one on my DRZ400SM.After about 1000 miles it started to rattle again.Readjusted and after several thousand miles it was fine.No more rattle.Maybe a bit too tight the first time around and wore the timing chain guide?I was just wondering if there was a problem with them on the FZ-07.Still thinking about trading 07 for an 09 and I know the 09 has had problems with the CCT/TCT.Most peolple say it was just the early models but I've heard different.They all say do it.Just in case.If I decide to keep the 07 I'll probably do one.Just in case.
  2. patman

    FZ-07 CCT issues?

    A CCT is a cam chain tensioner.It's really a timing chain tensioner but a lot of people refer to it as a cam chain tensioner.I think it's a European thing.
  3. I did a search but couldn't find much.What years of R6 throttle tubes work on the FZ-07?Just don't want to order one that won't work on my bike.
  4. I've heard about the FZ-09 having CCT problems.Does the FZ-07 suffer from this too?Should I toss a manual one at it?I was going to trade my 07 off but I'm having second thoughts.Might just have the computer flashed,install sliders,do a manual CCT,and keep it another year.Then get a CB1000R next year.

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