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  1. sgreene

    Tax return sale!

    Thank you for the informative response I appreciate it, I think I’ll jump on this deal then.
  2. sgreene

    Tax return sale!

    what's the benefit to this over FT ECU where you can flash and change any time at home? $342 (FT ECU) vs $350 for 2wheeldyno mail in tune.
  3. sgreene

    sgreene's Gallery

    Took her up to the MT Washington Auto Road.
  4. sgreene

    That sound!!

    Same noise here, I find it's prominent if i cruise at anywhere under 3,800rpm, any where higher it's much quieter/smoother. Also have an M4 with baffle.
  5. sgreene

    sgreene's Gallery

    My bike so far.. Woodcraft Clip on bars Front LED indicators Motodynamics Fender Eliminator Motodynamics Integrated tail lights M4 Exhaust MZS Brake and Clutch lever
  6. I actually noticed these issues some time ago but it bugs me everytime I hear a noise on my bike. I'm waiting for something to come loose and fall off. I've come across several loose bolts on my bike. I received it with 0 miles and as I replace things I'm finding them, some of them safety concerns. Anyone else experience these issues? Replaced handle bars with Woodcrafts, 3 out of 4 bolts were loose that hold the bar to the frame. Replaced license plate mount and blinkers, several miscellaneous loose body bolts. Replaced exhaust, 1 of 2 bolts on each header was loose. Oil was overfilled by at least 1 to 1 and 1/4 cups to get down to full line. Dealer response was "We don't assemble them here, they come assembled on the crate". If the body was assembled so poorly, I can't imagine that the internals were treated much better.
  7. Would you be so good as to post a profile shot of the bike. I want to see the height of those clip-ons from a side view. Thanks!!!!!! Sorry bud didn't see this reply. Here is one I have handy. I'll take some more tomorrow from more angles for you when it's light out. Maybe I'll start a build thread and put them in there. Either way I'll let you know.
  8. How quiet are you wanting? Could try a drilled stock exhaust. I think that's essentially what I'm looking for but with better looks. The stock exhaust is heavy and ugly. Im guessing that what I'm looking for doesn't exist? id even go a bit louder than drilled exhaust if it meant a better looking one.
  9. Also does anyone know of a quieter exhaust than the M4 from experience in person? I am likely going to sell the M4 I just put on if I can find a quieter one. I'm going to have it welded tomorrow so maybe it'll peak some interest since it will be a "full system".
  10. Have you been able to record a video with this baffle in? I unfortunately am going through this expensive issue and wish I read this thread first. This thing with the standard baffle in is really loud, I don't mind but it bothers me knowing i'm probably pissing off everyone I drive by. I am contemplating the full yoshimura R77 exhaust as it sounds a bit quieter.
  11. Nah, some of them are just wrong. JK, I agree that it's all down to personal taste. But I honestly don't see how the default aesthetics are not already pleasing to the eye. I think the bike looks really nice out-of-the-box. At this point I wouldn't change a thing, but as @mossrider points out, I'll probably fall in line. Even the hideous liscense plate shovel on the back? Yuck ?
  12. These are all opinions and personal tastes, no one is right or wrong. I do agree that it is too quiet though, I think it's a matter of safety. 9/10 times cars will hear you before they see you. Half of what comes on the bike is hideous and because of federal safety requirements. I guarantee that if Yamaha had their way, the bikes aesthetics in the back and directionals would look much more sleek and pleasing to the eye.
  13. Installed the woodcraft clipons the other day and just installed these bar end mirrors. I absolutely love them. To me the woodcrafts give the perfect riding position.
  14. Got a link? Sorry, thread rule so others can get the same dealMy bad, thanks. CRG Bar end Mirrors Woodcraft Clip-On Risers w/ Adapter Plate
  15. Ordered some woodcraft clips ons and CRG bar end mirrors. Hoping this will give a bit more of an aggressive riding position and clean up the front end a bit.

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