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  1. I'll be picking up a 2017 red FZ-07 next week. I plan to swap out the tail plastics for the matte gray. I like how it looks better. So I'll have the red tail plastics available when that happens.
  2. mugen

    Akrapovic Titanium 2017

    [video src=https://youtu.be/bThJ4V8Bg9A]
  3. mugen

    Akrapovic Titanium 2017

    I seen a video of a guy who sprayed WD-40 in there and pulled it out with pliers. I don't know if that damaged the db killer though.
  4. mugen

    Black widow exhaust

    Sounds and looks great without that big sticker!
  5. mugen

    Akra or M4?

    ? Sorry I had to.
  6. No. Higher octane burns slower to reduce the chance of pinging/knocking, and you'll probably make the engine run worse if anything since the fuel won't burn as well (probably a negligible difference though). It's a common misconception that an engine designed to run on 87 will run "better" on 91 and many claim placebo effects from doing so. Your car needs to be designed or tuned to run 91+ in order to get any benefit. Some cars, like newer Mustang GTs, are designed to run on premium but will run with reduced performance on lower grade fuel (ECU will read the knock sensor and pull timing). Your manual should tell you if that's the case. Some brands do put more detergents in their premium fuels, so there is benefit there. But you're better off just saving the money and putting it towards the occasional bottle of Techron or other fuel system cleaner. Buying gas from a "Top Tier" brand is good also since they have higher amounts of detergents. Dont meant to hijack this thread talking about cars... But my car is one that's tuned to run higher octane, and pulls back timing as it detects knock. So that's why I had the question. I didn't know if the FZ-07 was the same. Since the manual says "pump octane number of 86 or higher". So can it run any octane with no performance differences?
  7. Alright thanks haha I do tend to overthink and over plan sometimes.
  8. If I go with Silkolene, they don't have 15/40. The closest they have is either 10/40 or 15/50. With the warmer climate here I think 15/50 would be my best bet. Probably Comp 4 15W-50 XP (since someone in this thread said ester is good).
  9. So with this excerpt from the manual: "Your Yamaha engine has been designed to use regular unleaded gasoline with a pump octane number [(R+M)/2] of 86 or higher, or a research octane number of 91 or higher." And after reading through this wiki page explaining octane ratings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octane_rating#Measurement_methods It seems to say that in the US and Canada to run 86 octane or higher, and in EU to run 91 octane or higher. Since I'm in the US (California to be specific), is there any benefit to running 91 over 87? I run 91 in my car because the engine just sounds and feels better. Sure 87 is 'fine', but I want my car to run good well over 100k. So would the FZ-07 benefit in the long run with 91?
  10. According to the temp.-viscosity chart, it looks like I'll be running 15W-40. Which brand though, I have no idea. I'll probably end up doing hours of research before I choose one. EDIT: It looks like I'll be going with Silkolene. Now to choose between 10W-40 or 15W-50. I live in Southern California so weather is usually warm.
  11. Thank you all for the recommendations. I forgot I also want to get bar end sliders that accept CRG bar end mirrors. So I'll probably be going with all 4 pairs (frame, front axle, rear axle, and bar ends). I mainly want to protect the bike if I goof it and drop it at low speed. Which I hope doesn't happen. I like the TST package. Great looking parts. I'll probably need to buy another set of bar ends though for when I buy the CRG mirrors.
  12. As some may know I will be picking up my 2016 FZ-07 from the dealer in the beginning of April. Since I am a new rider I want to get frame and axle sliders for it. My question is, are all 3 sliders (frame, front axle, and rear axle) necessary to protect the bike in case of a drop? Or would just frame sliders be enough to stop any part of the body from touching the ground? I really like the Shogun Carbon S5 Frame Sliders. If I get axle sliders I want to get the ones with spools. Revzilla has a listing for Shogun front axle spool sliders, but no rear listing. Do they make rear spool sliders? I'm also looking at the R&G rear spool sliders.
  13. mugen

    Yoshimura Full Exhaust in California

    It was last year and had a lit up sign that specifically stated no loud motorcycles on a stretch of road or you'll be ticketed. I couldn't tell you which part. So it's not like you weren't warned, but what can are you to do if you're already on a group ride? It's not a pipe you'll find on the Yoshi site, which is what I thought was interesting. Whoever posted it linked it in that thread. I can't find it, but I think it was on a Yamaha Parts type of site. The pipe had a Yoshi-FZ-07 logo on it. Oh I know what you're talking about. I have it bookmarked on my computer at home. I vaguely remember it being more expensive than the original Yosh system? But now that I've seen the thread about the new Graves system I'm torn between the two.
  14. mugen

    Yoshimura Full Exhaust in California

    Wait where are these "noise traps" in HB? I live there and haven't ever seen cops sitting on PCH anywhere to be honest. I often see people speeding or hanging out of windows and sunroofs but no cops to be seen. And most of the houses on PCH are rented condos that are often vacant. And can you link the CA legal Yosh exhaust? I'm interested

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