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  1. flooger

    Riding Game

    You Win! Now lets see some kitties.
  2. So...your dad has insurance on your bike? Am I misunderstanding something here, or are you somehow still able to be covered as a driver on his policy? I'm not one to judge and I've done plenty of questionable stuff, but if you ever actually try to use this insurance you WILL be found out. This is literally fraud. Man, always consider risk vs reward, and the penalty for this is way worse than saving 1000 dollars.
  3. flooger

    A bit overwhelmed. Some advice?

    I absolutely consider myself a beginner, and all of this is great advice. From one beginner to another, listen to all of what he said. 1. My father in-law recently let me take his old 2001 VStar 1100 home with me as a 2nd bike. Me and a buddy rode together on it and my FZ07 swapping up from time to time. ALWAYS set your own pace. No matter what, YOU must be in control of the bike, NOT the guy in front of you. Your bike and theirs, your skill and theirs, are not equal. If they are faster, they can always pull over and wait. 2. Pace yourself. Slowly build confidence in your skill, and in the beginning take cornering slow enough that you WANT to accelerate, not scare yourself so you instinctually want to brake. Gradually increase your speed. 3. FOCUS 4. SEE the pothole, or gravel, etc. and then look beside it. You should be going slow enough that you will have plenty of time to see the problem and then change course. 5. Again, see the obstacle and then look around it. You don't need to see them talking on their phone drinking coffee. See them, and then navigate your own lane. 6. Shet WILL happen, you WILL make a mistake and go too fast for your skill level. You have to fight that urge to squeeze the brake when you enter a curve. Your bike is WAY better at cornering than you are. Lean harder, and don't squeeze that lever.
  4. flooger

    Riding Game

    Alright then! Next up: your bike at the town square.
  5. If 2WDW did your flash, and you did not specify you wanted your flash with the snorkel removed, I would not take the snorkel out, and call them immediately to see what they did to your ECU. They have a separate flash for the snorkel being in or out. I'm assuming that one will be rich and one will be lean, and you don't want to run your bike lean. Having said that, the snorkel being out gets more ponies out of your motor. Thanks! I thought they would have a separate flash, but wasn't 100%. I'll probably wait until winter to mess with the snorkel and a re flash.
  6. I had my ECU flashed and didn't mention the snorkel. Can I remove the snorkel now or will I have to send the ECU back?
  7. flooger

    New FZ07 rider in Tennessee

    Today was an awesome day for riding in my area and I finally rode out to Reelfoot Lake to enjoy the scenery. The weather started to turn FAST on my way home and I was scared for the first time riding. It started raining a little bit and unpredictable gusts of hard wind would hit me and make it difficult to stay going straight - it felt like it was going to blow me into the other lane or off the road! I've managed to log 1200 miles since I got my bike in mid February - and I am still absolutely in love with this damn bike! Mods I've done since Feb: 2WDW flash, Givi windscreen, TST tail light, Womet Tech front and rear sliders, Vagabond Frame sliders, Rinomoto bar ends, CRG Arrow mirrors, tacky looking "07" reservoir cover, and an Ogio tail bag.
  8. flooger

    Riding Game

    No dog parks near me, so I'm not a winner but here's my buddy checking out the bike after my ride today. Bonus pics!
  9. This is my favorite opportunity to teach the wife mechanical stuff. "Honey! Get your little hands over here I need help!"
  10. You could always buy any of the bikes with a blue frame and put the dark grey plastics on. The plastics can be bought for about $160 U.S. dollars from yamahapartshouse.com. I bet that would be cheaper than importing, but i have no idea what you need to have it inspected / paperwork for using a U.S. bike.
  11. Just wanted to say nice review and thanks for the pics of your install. I have had the same bag for a while and it is surprisingly roomy, I've crammed tons of stuff in mine. I initially didn't want to put a bag on my bike and ruin the looks, but this one doesn't look too bad and the convenience of not carrying a backpack outweighs style. I had my straps wrapped under the tail secured together with a carabiner. It was functional, but ugly and hard to take on and off. I recently used your post and did my bag the same way and it's a lot better taking it on and off. The only downside is the straps being there all the time, and for me the bag sits closer to my back than my previous method. Anyway....thanks for the post!
  12. Anyone here have any experience with motorcyclecloseouts.com/? Looks like some decent deals on here.
  13. Since I knew the weather around here would be crappy this week, on Monday I sent my ECU to 2WDW for a tune. While the FZ was down, I decided to do some shopping for her! Vagabond Frame Sliders Just in case... Ogio Tail Bag No more backpack for the little stuff! Blue 07 Coolant Cover 'Cause why not? "Launch Key" keychain Because I couldn't find any others I liked
  14. flooger

    New FZ07 rider in Tennessee

    Pics will follow when I get her plastic back on when my ECU gets back Friday or Saturday. Unfortunately there's no hills in my part of Tennessee - I'm in the Northwest corner so it's all flat farmland. However, I'd love to take a ride out to Reelfoot Lake and show you guys some unique geography. The lake is full of cypress trees that were there when a huge earthquake formed the lake in the early 1800's. The lake is really popular with boaters and fishermen from all over, and is really cool to see the huge trees coming out of the middle of the lake.
  15. flooger

    Need some advice on mirrors.

    How much vibration do you guys get with the CRG Arrows? PO of my bike has some cheap bar end mirrors installed and I can hardly see anything in them because they vibrate like crazy. Just wondering if it is worth adding new mirrors to the upgrade list.

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