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  1. kbob2000

    Solid vs Graphic Helmets

    It seems like the trend I've seen is people think "oh, I don't care, I just want a matte black one" and after they have it for a bit and realize everyone else has a matte black helmet, they want a graphic or something more unique. I have a small riding circle and the majority of us have done this. I just prefer ridiculous looking helmets these days. Want a new one, but I can't justify upgrading a 2-year old lid. It's funny people mention their significant others preferring plain because my wife thinks she just wants a black one again. Not on my watch.
  2. Where are you looking? It has the bags in pictures above in both high and low mount configurations.
  3. kbob2000

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    I don't really care that much. I"m using US maps with no problems and have been for nearly a year. I just wanted to see what they had on the link posted and there were no maps to be found, at least after several minutes of searching.
  4. I have a cheap amazon tail tidy on mine, with a motodynamics integrated tail light. Still needed external signals to stay legal in Germany so I added some flush mounts that are meant for fairings so they don't stick out much and don't interfere with the bags.
  5. kbob2000

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    I couldn't find maps on the UK site. The US site has a map search button, I couldn't find anything like that on the UK site. It was pretty frustrating, actually.
  6. I can't see the marked area, but I don't know why an oil leak wouldn't be covered on a month old bike.
  7. kbob2000

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    I am in the EU as well and haven't had the issues you are talking about and I use the US power commander maps. Do they have the exact code on your ecu to create flashes from? I used a different one from my ecu because when I got my bike, the exact one wasn't available. I got a check engine light even though it ran okay and eventually they loaded my ecu code up and all was well. I have Mivv Oval Carbon exhaust and almost no pops now.
  8. kbob2000

    Don't ever test ride a Ninja 1000

    This is the direction I want to go when I move back to the States. I'm thinking of getting rid of my GSXR and I have to sell my MT since it's euro spec. Then get a bike that can do the occasional track day or tour or commute and be enjoyable all the time. I've played with the idea of the S1000R, Ducati SuperSport and Aprilia Tuono. Sexy bikes but not sure if I want to get away from Japanese reliability. Duc and BMW have more power than I'm after but I don't see a lot of choices for bikes that have the sport touring formula skewed towards sport (and still look damn good). This would be a much cheaper option and it has reviewed quite well.
  9. kbob2000

    Show me how you go to the track

    Looks like they only sell them in the EU, unfortunately. It's a Stema MT750, I paid about $600.00 for it used from a dealer. I also throw a piece of plywood on it and use it as a utility trailer. I hate driving trucks so it's not really an option to me. It's built pretty solid and I don't think I'll put enough miles on it to need to do much in the way of maintenance. My wagon is 2007 BMW 320D. It paid about $5500 for it and it has a fuel range of about 620 miles. Has a hidden hitch that pops out at the press of a button, it's probably my favorite feature, lol.
  10. kbob2000

    Show me how you go to the track

    Bought a wagon and trailer setup. It's the pickup of Europe with the benefit of not having pickup mileage, handling and hugeness during daily driving. I recommend this setup as long as the track isn't crazy far away in which I would probably get an enclosed trailer. It's 2.5 hours away for me.
  11. Nice pics, fellas. Good luck!
  12. Mark Istanbul off the list of cool places to ride...
  13. As long as you aren't filling them with lead bars, I think you will be fine. The amount of water he mentions above is probably near 13 lbs, but that is about as heavy an item as I could see fitting in them. I've used them for food, clothes and water on my camping trips with a few tools in the bottom. Never worried about them for a second. I even dropped my bike on uneven ground yesterday and I can't see any damage and the bars were fine.
  14. I lived in some Lindsey apartments for a few years near warehouse 6008 where I worked. I can't remember much else, it's been 13 years, I started riding right after I left and then I lived in Florida which sucked for riding. Now I live in Germany and have a ton a great roads all around, lots of good choices even for short rides.
  15. Really wished I was a rider back when I lived in Bentonville. Fantastic roads around there. Enjoy.

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