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  1. darkness14

    So I got a fkn ticket

    I got busted for jaywalking on a college campus??
  2. darkness14

    Kind of a New Rider

    So I just bought the A 2016 grahphite and neon yellow FZ-07, best part about it is, my wife has no idea I'm surprising her with this bike, I also bought a two brothers full exhaust system as well, not sure how it will sound but YouTube sure made it sound good. Honestly I just want to get it so I can try it out myself
  3. darkness14

    Kind of a New Rider

    Well like the title explains it all, I'm kind of a new rider. I'm more so here because my wife has elected to upgrade from my hand me down 300 to a gorgeous 2016 FZ-07. Figured I would join this forum to learn about the bike as much as I can before we try to purchase after the sale of of the 300. We went to a stealership here in town and I kid you not she fell in love with the bike and the scheme all within 5 minutes of being there. Everything about it just fit and suited her. I had a hard time trying to get her to try out other bikes she was that sold, lol. Anyways as for me I upgraded to a Daytona 675 last spring and needlesss to say it's pretty much my dream bike. Don't get me wrong I do intend on using the FZ-07 a bit especially commuting to and from work when she is out of town or something. Anyways glad I'm here and can't wait to get going with some upgrades and info about this bike

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