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  1. cloud

    Custom fz07 exhaust

    Did yours come with a removable baffle?
  2. cloud

    Custom fz07 exhaust

    Looks/sounds mean! I'm curious if there's any loss of torque or gain in hp in the upper range. Either way, that's cheap as hell for how it turned out.
  3. I'd like to see this same thing that can easily accommodate a license plate (and without the branding!).
  4. Solid deal! Thanks for the heads up.
  5. cloud

    Riding Shoes Reccomendation

    +1 on TCX - if you compare them to other riding "sneakers" or boots, they pack in way more protection for often times, less cash. I have a pair of their sneakers and boots. Both are super comfortable and both often receive compliments by moto people and non-moto riders alike.
  6. $300 is dirt cheap for such a worthy upgrade. I absolutely would have gotten ABS, regardless of color (and just painted the whole damn thing black). Retroactively attempting to upgrade a 2015/2016 with 2017's ABS breaks would probably cost $1000's /:
  7. cloud

    Warmest gloves

    Hope that helps. I think they're a way better and less involved route than adding heated grips and/or wind guards. They heat both sides of your hand as opposed to just the palm like grips.
  8. cloud

    Warmest gloves

    @nmrider - the Gerbing harness is no different than having a battery tender lead attached to your bike. I have my Gerbing lead sitting right on top of my battery tender lead. After Winter just pull it off the bike and keep it stored with your gloves. The harness comes with a bunch of fuses to allow you to combine heated gear. They just pop in and out, everything is in the manual. If you end up getting a heated jacket liner (or heated pants, or socks, etc.) to use with the gloves. You just pop out the fuse and pop the appropriately bigger one in. You can either keep the harness tucked under your seat or zip tie the end discreetly out of the left side of your bike so when you sit on the bike you can quickly connect your gloves and/or jacket (with it's wire pulling out of the front left side of your jacket) and go. I'm not sure what mode glovesl I have but they're probably not in production anymore. There are versions that only wire to the bike battery, only take their own independent batteries or hybrid's that accept both. I just got the wired one's because I'm only going to use them when I'm on the bike for decent stretches. If you want to ride with them plus use them for tailgaiting or something, get the hybrid's. IMO I spent $ on the gloves and temp controller. It didn't appeal to me to then spend more money on the batteries, that don't last very long.
  9. I wonder if that stock mud guard will fit the '07!
  10. cloud

    Warmest gloves

    I didn't want to mess with a wiring harness either but since going Gerbing, I won't go back. There's some steep discounts on them right now at Revilla. I absolutely recommend a temp controller. Since they're as warm as any winter motorcycle glove I've tried while unplugged, the only time you need to deal with the wires is when you're gearing up to be on the bike for a bit which is worth it. It makes for a safer and more enjoyable ride. I don't recommend it but I've taken them down to 17 degrees F.
  11. cloud

    New to FZ-07 | Colorado

    Awesome guys, thanks. @hamster head down to Union Garage in Red Hook Brooklyn (uniongaragenyc.com) when you get a chance. Tell them Conrad sent you. Great people/gear shop/community. @jmacas87 , it's pretty early to tell since I only have 100 miles on the FZ. The Street Triple fit me perfectly and seemed to be great for everything I threw at it, commuting, canyons, track, even long days in the saddle on trips. I loved the feel and powerband of the triple and the build quality. Even though it wasn't the R version, it still handled really well. It's class leading and costlier for good reason. It was definitely an upgrade from the Aprilia Shiver which is an awesome bike in its own right. We'll, see. I dig the lightness, flickability, and torque so far. I'm hoping with Woodcraft clipons and a track day I'll fall in love with it. Thanks @piebald Definitely checking those out. Both sound fun. I'm excited that the nearest tracks are closer than 3 hours like in NYC.
  12. cloud


    Starting this thread because it doesn't exist! I'm new to the forum, FZ's and Colorado so I have nothing to offer currently but please make introductions and post up any rides and moto events in CO!
  13. Hi All, New to FZ and Colorado. I bought a grey 2016 FZ-07 a couple of months ago. Now that it's warming up I'm excited to actually break it in! I'm coming off of a '14 Triumph Street Triple (which was totaled due to water damage from an underground garage flood). Before that I was on a '11 Aprilia Shiver and I messed with 70's CB's before that. Honestly, I miss the hell out of my Triumph but I'm optimistic that this was a good/smart change of direction. I moved from NYC recently where I commuted daily on the moto. Excited to explore the mountain's and not almost die via taxi cab every day. The FZ is still stock besides doing the DIY exhaust mod to up the DB's for now. In coming month's I'm looking at: The basics - frame sliders, fender eliminator, flush mount blinkers, CRG lane splitter bar end mirrors. TST integrated rear light Woodcraft clip-on's (+ rear sets if necessary) Gen-X sport screen Full Exhaust (who know's, Black Widow?) Intake + ECU flash Sticky rubber + we'll see if I warm up to the neon. I may powder coat the wheels black. I caught the track bug right before leaving NY so I'm excited to explore that here once the bike is broken in. Thanks for having me, Conrad

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