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  1. cmiller94

    Sold the FZ07

    I found that even at 5 ft 7", my legs would get cramped on long rides. I also found that even with the windshield, the wind protection sucked compared to a bike with full fairings. And then a somewhat minor annoyance, but I couldn't find bags that would work for it. Mine had a fender eliminator, but still had stock lights, so no bags would work and I didn't have the stock fender as I didn't put on the fender eliminator, it was like that when I got it. I've also concluded that I really like four cylinder bikes. I find the top end rush much more exciting than the low end torque of a twin. I really liked the FZ07 and was glad to have experienced one for a while, but it just ended up not quite being what I was looking for.
  2. cmiller94

    Sold the FZ07

    https://ibb.co/kmpTea https://ibb.co/jiKTea https://ibb.co/jmQekF https://ibb.co/evkekF https://ibb.co/grFOCv not sure if the pictures worked as I'm trying to do it off of my iPad, I'll try later from the computer if it doesn't work
  3. Well, after I bought the CBR600RR a few weeks ago, I was pretty sure that the FZ07 was going to stay and would just become my touring bike. I was finding that I've been riding the CBR way more than the FZ07. So I decided to list the FZ07 for way more than I paid for it, and see what happened. In January I bought it for $5250 with 9,000 km's on. I sold it yesterday after having it for six months for $5500 with 12,000 km's on it. I had it listed for $6500, so I came down a lot on price, but I put 3,000 km's on it and still got more than what I paid for it. On top of that, when I bought it, the guy through in a really nice rear stand that I ended up keeping. I think the only expenses I had with it were gas, oil, coolant, frame sliders, and a louder horn. I really enjoyed my time with the FZ07. but shortly after getting the CBR and deciding that the FZ07 was going to be my touring bike, I realized that it wasn't really an ideal touring bike. I also ended up buying a condo and the $5500 that I got from selling it will really help with that purchase. I might end up looking at getting an FZ6 or a VFR800 to go along with the CBR600 in the future.
  4. cmiller94

    Buying a CBR600RR

    Well, I bought it! Took it out for its first ride last night. The 600 is a much different experience than the 929 I had. I would describe the 929 as the most violent acceleration I have ever felt (to be clear there I said most violent, not the fastest). I think what contributed to that was the fact it had a slip on (more noise always seems faster lol), it was geared down (not sure how much), monstrous torque, not much weight, a short wheel base, it was always a terrifying experience opening the throttle on it. I rode my friends ZX14 and the way the 600 acceleration actually feels more comparable to the ZX14. Obviously not nearly as fast, but it's a very smooth pull. The 600 felt so good in corners too. I thought I was taking it easy and glanced down and was going 20-30 km/h faster than I would it the same corners when pushing the 07 to the limit. In the first 20 minutes on the 600 I thought I might sell the FZ07 as I was enjoying the 600 so much. Then at 30 minutes, my back hurt and my wrists hurt and I remembered why I said I'd be keeping the 07 and the buying a 600. 07 for comfort, 600 for performance.
  5. Well, I posted a separate thread on this, but figured I'd comment here too. Im working my buying my next bike. 2006 CBR600RR. Hopefully I'll have it by Saturday. I'm buying it off of a friend. Keeping the FZ07 as my touring bike. Not exactly what it was designed for, but I enjoy doing day trips on the FZ07. Might sell it and buy a full on sport touring next year (maybe a VFR800).
  6. cmiller94

    Buying a CBR600RR

    My buddy just sold his FZ1 and also wants to sell his 2006 CBR600RR (he wants a super moto or something like that). The 600 is in mediocre shape. Has two sets of fairings. The OEM ones that are a little scratched and some Chinese ones he bought to replace the OEM ones. The Chinese ones are actually okay quality. Like they weren't the cheapest ones you could buy and they look nice and fit properly. The cam chain tensioner has also just started rattling. So I'll probably need to replace that. The bike has about 25,000 km's on it and he wants $3,000 for it. Comparables seem to be selling for more, so I think I'll be buying it. It's not absolutely mint by any means, but I want something that if I crashed at the track it wouldn't be the end of the world, so I think this is a good buy. I came from a CBR929RR to the FZ07 and as much as I love the 07, I do really miss some of the sport bike qualities (aggressive riding position, four cylinder top end rush, good suspension, etc). The FZ07 will definitely be staying. I'll probably be using it more like a touring bike. I'll some pictures of it when I actually get to see it. I've only seen it twice because my buddy never really rode it, He almost always rode the FZ1. Side note, anyone know much about cam chain tensioner? Better to go OEM or go with a manual one?
  7. cmiller94

    If money was no issue

    Tough question.....so hard to just choose one. If I had to just choose one, probably a BMW S1000RR. If money was no object, I'm assuming I get to keep my FZ07 lol.....if I had to replace it and money was no object, it'd probably be an S1000R, a new Street Triple, or a 1290 Superduke R.
  8. cmiller94

    Drag strip launching?

    Personally, I find the FZ07 am incredibly easy bike to launch. Even in first gear. I haven't take it to the strip, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but here's what I find works best. Start in first gear. Rev it up a bit (not a lot, maybe 3000-5000), let the clutch out just to the point it starts grabbing, when the light turns green drop the clutch and pin it. It should pull a very small and controllable wheelie. Launching like this, I actually managed to keep up with my friend's FZ1 through first gear. The moment I shifted to second he walked away like I was standing still though lol.
  9. Still went for a decent ride, but had a change of plans. Apparently highway 93 was closed due to an avalanche, so we went down to Wayne, Alberta instead. Was not quite as long, but still a decent day. 683.4 km's and I averaged 4.4L/100km according to the gauge on the bike. One other guy came with us who also had a Super Tenere. I think the fuel economy on a Super Tenere is pretty close to the FZ07 and the fact they had 22L tanks meant I was always the one needing to stop to fill up lol. Being that it was my first long distance ride, I just trusted the gas gauge, but I'm pretty sure it's not all that accurate. I rode it on one bar for quite a ways, and it still only took 9L's when I filled it up. So for those of you who know Alberta well, I ended up going from Edmonton to Devon to Stettler to the Bieriot Ferry to Drumheller to Wayne. Then had lunch. On the way back we went Wayne to Drumheller to Stettler to New Norway to Edmonton. My only complaints with the bike would be that the seat is uncomfortable after long periods of time and even at 5' 8", I found it started to feel cramped after a while (like in relation to peg height to seat height). photo sharing
  10. So tomorrow, me and the guy I bought my FZ07 off of are going to go for about a 900 km (~560 miles) ride. He's bought a Yamaha Super Tenere now. We'll be leaving around 7:30 a.m. And going from Edmonton to Rocky Mountain House to Jasper and back to Edmonton. I'm really looking forward to it, but am a bit nervous as well. I've never actually ridden any bike that far in a day. I'll make sure to take some pictures and post them. Oh oh and quick question for you guys, what kind of highway range do you see out of your 07's? I'm sure if I search for it, I can find an answer, but figured I'd ask anyways. I'm hoping I can make around 300 km's (~185 miles) on a tank.
  11. cmiller94

    What other bikes have you owned?

    First bike was a 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 500 Second bike was a 2000 Honda CBR929RR Third bike unofficially was a 2002 Kawasaki Ninja 500, but I bought it to flip it (made almost $1,000 in a week of owning it). I think I rode it less than 1 mile lol. Then in December, I got the FZ07. Overall, the 07 is definitely my favourite bike, but I do miss the top end rush of the inline 4 in the 929. I might buy a CBR600RR to go along with my 07.
  12. cmiller94

    New to me Yamaha FZ1

    Nice bike! One of the guys I rode with has a 2008 FZ1 and absolutely loves it. I actually considered getting an FZ1 or FZ6 instead of the FZ07, but decided I wanted to give the naked bike a try . The power of those FZ1's is really impressive. They're probably one of the best sport touring bikes out there. It's too bad that Yamaha doesn't make the FZ1 anymore. They should make an FZ1 again and base it off of the FZ10. That'd be a great sport touring bike.
  13. I noticed that part too and had to think about where the horn was located. Can't say in the 150 km's I've ridden mine so far that I've noticed it lol.
  14. I'm guessing some people have already seen this and if you're like me, you've read pretty much every review out there on the FZ-07, but I thought this review was really good as it goes into a ton of detail. It'd be the first motorcycle review I've seen where they go into as much detail as car reviews do. I Actually found it because I was looking for 0-100 mph times, which in case anyone was wondering is about 10.5 seconds. I hope the link works. http://www.mcnews.com/mcn/model_eval/2014_11FZ07.pdf
  15. I was having some trouble envisioning that, but that looks fantastic. V4 is the coolest engine configuration in my opinion. Have to see what everything looked like with pricing, weight, performance, etc, but I think I'd still probably take a Street Triple or an S1000R over it.

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